their music soothes my soul | Reviewer: sally | 6/25/08

i think im the only girl here who is either not obsessed with them or doesn't want to have sex with them, I mean their human beings with feelings just like you and me, do you really think they would like to be seen as sex objects, i doubt it. All i would ever want from them is their friendship and to tell them that their music soothes my soul and makes me feel like i'm not alone.

ananymous | Reviewer: ELSA | 5/28/08

"OMG" i love the jonas brothers my friends think i am weired because im obbssed with them i have over 100 posters of them i mean who could not like the jonas bros they are fine and people who had them i will dirve bye your house and egg your g/damm house

omgomgomg | Reviewer: JBLUVER!! | 5/25/08

Omg i heart you guys. i heart nick. you are so hottt! Joe, my cousin loves you! Kevin, Samantha loves you. Have a great time on your tour bus. Ilove you guys. I am the #1 fan. i have OJP (obbseseve jonas problems)! I wanna have sex with nick! if you hate the jonas brothers I hate you. The WORLD will hate you!!!! lol! well have a good time!! Mrs.NIckJonas

These guys suck ASS | Reviewer: Joelle M. | 4/15/08

OMG!!!!!!! They are so fucking ugly! and their music sucks monkey balls!!!!!! The only reason I look at pictures of them is because my raging hormones make me want to rape them!!!!!!! THEY SUCK MY LEFT AND RIGHT TITS!!!! FUCK THEM!!!!!!!!

important!! | Reviewer: shiam | 4/6/08

hey guyz.. i love u ssoooo much.. and u all know tht u have billions of fans..!!!! espieclly in the UAE..!!! in Dubai,UAE i hear alott abt u..!!! many ppl love u here..!! so plzzzzzz plzzzzzzz make a concert here ASAP!!!(as fast as possible) soo... plzz i love u guyzz.. anyway.. i wanna say somethin.. nick.. if ur still with miley jealus..LOL.. anyway i have a big crush on u Nick.. and i love the jonas brothers..i love Joe & kevin & NICK =D... Anyway im waitin for the concert here in Dubai,UAE luv ya guyzz mmwaahh

!!!♥h3y gUyS !!!!!!♥♥♥.... | Reviewer: stephanie oceguera | 3/28/08

what are you doing i hope you are all good.Well i just pass by to say hii!!!♥♥♥,and you all sing realy goood and nice you all have souch a amaising voice.I realy like your song when u look me in the eyes.Oh God that is greate song ok i♥it ok, u guys see ya all later.!!I♥U!!!.. w/♥ FANNY!!!.

I love your music, please come! | Reviewer: Victoria | 3/29/08

Hi guys! I know the JB's won't read this but I would really like it if they came over her to Honduras. Just because we live in a third planet country it doesn't mean that you can't come or you don't have any fans here. Some people actually think we live in a giant cave or jungle and we sleep in trees or something but that is so not true!

OMG the Jonas Bros!! | Reviewer: Amanda | 3/27/08

OMG i love you guys sooooooo much your all so hot, exspiecaly you nick... LOL!!;) i no that everyone probably says that but it really is the truth. man it would be so awsome if you sang one of your songs to me... LOL... that probably sounds creepy but still, i really mean it. i havent been able to come to a concert yet but ill have you no that i spent 1 hr everyday for like a week on the computer just trying. i guess you guys are a little popullar, but i like you for your music, and you being cute might have something to do with like 20 percent of it... LOL... well im listening to your music right now... LOL... how ironic!!! well i will love you guys forever, no matter what. XOXO luv ya!!!! :p

Jonas Brothers?? | Reviewer: youwouldhatemeifitoldyou | 3/26/08

why is everyone obsessed w/these guys? they SUCK! they arent good singers, they arent cute, hot, sexy etc....why are their songs on the radio? i hate the teenagers who are in love w/them the music isnt deep, they dont write any of it themselves, they arent hot, and thats a crappy reason to like them anyways! >:|

i LUV u guyz!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: puppies!!! | 3/26/08

i luv the jonas brothers equally they all have amazing qualities... like how nick is so hott and he has a beutiful voice and playz the guitar... how joe is so cute and hes sososososo funny... and like how kevin is jus so laid back and how well he playz the guitar... without them all it wouldnt be the same like if joe was like kevin and kevin was like nick and if nick was like joe it wouldnt be the same so dats y i cant say i luv 1 more than the other cuz there all hott in their own way!!!!!!