ur awesome!!!!! | Reviewer: kayla | 9/27/07

i love your music...i will catch myself singin it in school lol...its amazin that you guys wrote it all yourselves....keep it up cuz you are inspiring so many ppl!! we love you here in iowa.......ByE bYe

love nick and joe | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/27/07

Im sorry kevin but your brothers have got it going on. nick joe you two are smoken sexy hot okay. me and lizzie want you to come and visit us at our school in boyd by the way thats in boyd texas we go to boyd middle school. Please Please. we will never forget you

hottie's | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/27/07

i love u guys so much especially joe he is smokin hot and sexy and my friend lashanda LOVES nick & joe (sorry kevin)but i think joe is so HOT he is as hot as the sun!or as a jalapeno!sorry kevin but lashanda say's joe & nick have got it goin on.right on sista lol

hi | Reviewer: caitie | 9/27/07

hi this is caitie real name caitlyn and i juss want u to no i like ur musice but im not in luv with u like all these other peoples are

luv their music | Reviewer: chicogirl | 9/26/07

Hey Nick. I'm 14 years old and I am in love with you music. I am just wondering... Why doesn't Kevin ever sing. I was also wondering if you could tell me how much a private concert is cause I want you at my b-day in July. Luv U lots.

I LUV U | Reviewer: birdie | 9/26/07

hey I'm birdie and ur music rocks big time.I think Joe is so hot and sexy. Kevin is so cute. Nick is cute 2.I totally luv ur music.I wish I could seriously meet you guys. I LOVE YOU GUYZ!!

biggest fan | Reviewer: lisanna courtney | 9/26/07

hey wuz up i am your biggest fan ever i kmow all of your guys songs and would really want to meet you so badly and i know so much about you that is isnt funny so good by...

love your biggest fan LISANNA

its so weird | Reviewer: josselyn alonzo | 9/24/07

im in love wit nick joans and its so weird cuz i never act like this bout any star. and its so weird cuz im older than him and i still like him i even sent him a friend thing on myspace. and happy late B - day hope to chat later peace ;)

Happy Belated Nick! (so sorry) | Reviewer: Em | 9/23/07

Hey Nick,
sorry 4 the late birthday message. So you're 15. Cool. By the way, Im not some crazed fan sending fan mail, Im just a fan that has sanity and likes your music alot.

do u REALLY like Miley Cyrus??

Jonas Brothers! | Reviewer: Livin_life4Christ | 9/19/07

AH!!! I cant wait till the concert this Sunday at the puyallup fair!!! this is so excited..Nick Jonas is so...cute...and he also livin his life 4 Christ and not all caught up in the celebrity world....thats 2 bonus's!!! ha ha ha....YES!