i really would love it if you would get this | Reviewer: Mickela | 12/29/07

I love the jonas brothers they are sweet that is hard to find they are amazing singers if yall wernt famous i would say the same thing. I love you guys i am (13) by the way lol

hanna muntana is the ugly cow | Reviewer: obo_gang | 12/28/07

i hate hanna muntana & the epidson you shown in hanna muntana the worst epidson in the world , hanna muntana is the uglyest girl in the world & her soun is as a cow , i hate her music
please dont talk with her cus you are the best than her

I love jonas brothers band | Reviewer: cah | 12/23/07

I am brazilian and I love Jonas Brothers Band...They arenĀ“t my favorite band..but I love them so much.
I always listen the musics. GOOD JOB GUYS!!!
kisses or beijos

Hey!!!!!! | Reviewer: Ashley Mehl | 12/19/07

I love your songs. I got your cd. The cd is awesome. Joe you are the hot one. You guys are awesome singers ever. I am single. Gotta go.
Ashley Mehl

ur amazing | Reviewer: alexandra | 12/18/07

i think u guys r amazing i told all of my friends i would lick a frogs foot to meet you. u guys are sooo hott and i hopt to meet u guys one day u r so funny joe and kevin ur so nice and nick ur so hott. ily<33 from alexandra delaney
email me at lex2429@optonline.net

THE CUTEST | Reviewer: Madison | 12/16/07

I think Joe is the cutest.He is the middle aged one.Even though I am only 8 years old I like him... I LOVE YOU JOE!!!

i luv u joe jonas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: brianna | 12/15/07

i luv u joe ur sooooooooooooo! hot! not thst kevin anh nick arn't, don't get me rong, i luv your musiac kevin u rock at the guitar and joe u r an amazing singer and r so funny. nick u r and awesome singer tooo! i am in luv with the song s.o.s and hold on! ur all my fav band in the whole world!!

Rosalinda_hilaryduff@hotmail.com | Reviewer: Damaris | 12/9/07

oh my god!! The jonas brothers! Boys are maximum ... Joe you're very beautiful! I love you much! Boys continue! Your future awaits .. As they say in his song ... Kids OF THE FUTURE... Bye bye! see you!

Jo Bors | Reviewer: Jasmin Godinez | 12/10/07

The Jonas Borthers are my fav band ever. Nick Jonas is so hottest one there. i would love to meet them some day. I love their song "When you look me in the eyes".

I luv the Jonas Bros. | Reviewer: Megan | 12/9/07

The jonas bros. r so hott. I cant believe they r even a band cuz if they werent i would so die they r like my fave! OMG nick is my fave he is the most cutest im not saying joe and kevin r not i am just sayin nicks cuter! They rock and i hope they last until i die so i can meet them in heaven!LOL tht would be a perfect moment 4 me i would die!I love ur music and everything else about u! GOOD JOB GUYS! I luv yall!