I LUV U JOE | Reviewer: mackenzie ellis | 11/13/07

joe ur so HOT I WANT 2 MARRY U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please write back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!luv ya 4 ever!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG I LOVE YOU!!!!!! | Reviewer: Maggie | 11/12/07

omg i love the jonas brothers my fave is joe jonas he is soooooooo cute and really funny he should be a comedian (and a rockstar) i love you joe jonas :)

AHHH the Jonas Brothers!!! | Reviewer: Yazmine | 11/11/07

The Jonas Brothers are my offical fav band! No other band can replace them. I enjoy listening to their songs everyday. I love their songs and I would sing them randomly everyday. Joe, Nick, and Kevin are the three guys that changed my life! I LOVE THE JONAS BROTHERS!! <3

i luv ur music & u guys r hot | Reviewer: brook & taylor | 11/9/07

ur music rocks!we heard u whatch wrestling & we luv wrestling! our fave wrestlers r jeff hardy, rey mysterio,& shannon moore! brook thinks nick and her belong 2gether!!!!!!!!!!!!!! taylor just thinks all u guys r hot!!!!!!!!!!

Joe will you marry me? | Reviewer: Dawn Brown | 10/29/07

OMG Joseph Jonas is da bomb I will love you no matter what you look like cause you are so HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I could be your dream girl exept i dont live in Australia i understand your guys' schedule so well!


i love the jonas brothers! | Reviewer: magen | 10/27/07

joe is ma husband
nick is my boyfriend
kevin my sancho
these boys rock i love them to death im still working on my own jonas brothers fansite so if u wanna join go ahead email me at magen_flores@hotmail.com and ill msg u to join aight love my niggas they so fucking sexy!!!!
love j brothers forever!

Furcadia | Reviewer: Vanessa | 10/29/07

I L.O.V.E YOU! i love the song goodnight and goodbye it has such great enegy to it! it realy gets you pumped up,an of course your all cute! :P
an joe,will you be my friend???? if you do,i'll be in a chat thing called furcadia.you'll have to download it. but im like aways there Xp..so if you have time,cuz i know you must be very busy.but if you have the time could you do that.cuuuz i really wanna be ur friend xp ooh u can whisper me on it to find me just put / an type gdfreak xpxpxp. im so lame 4 doing this XD
An if you can't then i understand.

You guys are awsome!!! | Reviewer: lauren | 10/25/07

OMG you guys are awsome!! i just went to your concert at the target center in minnesota and i loved it when you guys came down that was the best! my heart was beating so fast!

waz up | Reviewer: Bitty | 10/20/07

Oh my god you guys ROCK. I luv your music its awsome. My favorite song is "Hold On." I like all of them but thats the best. Nick u are really cute and awsome, Joe ure cute and awsome, and last Kevin u ROCK. I love all u guys.

u r amazing | Reviewer: mattie | 10/21/07

I LUV U;)i went to the dress rehersal for the hannah montana tour in st.louis,mo. i was soooooo amazed when u stepped on de stage!!!!i almost started crying( i luv u that much) nick, u r sooooo hot. will u marry me,lol. gtg luv ya, rock on:)