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Performed by Johnny Cash

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is this a reference to Anita Carter??? | Reviewer: garry | 8/17/11

she sang a great duet with Waylon called I GOT YOU and was always looking beautiful in the background on the JCash show...DADDY SANG BASS
the entire entourage, Statlers, Carters, June & from heaven before they all got there!

My name sake song | Reviewer: Anita Posey | 10/27/07

My dad loved this song so much that he named me after it! How cool is that... My dad sings and plays guitar in Ridgway, Colorado. He is 80 years old (young) and still sings this song for me!

Great Song | Reviewer: James Dismukes | 5/11/07

Every man can find a way to relate to Johnny Cash and his songs, this one is no exception. Such a simple and clear storyteller, yet simplicity is the sign of perfection. Matador is a perfect example of Cash's ability to convey an emotion with a song. I love this one, it's just a cool song.

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