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Johnny Cash forever!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Christy | 9/9/07

I have to say that I am disappointed in what I am reading here. People have nothing else to do besides pick on the dead. You ALL should be ashamed of yourselfs. I am 36 years of age and I have listened to Johnny Cash since I was born and I have never heard this man in any way be racist or anything else. He loved people. If he did not like people then why would someone want to go to a prison where there was people who are murder's, rapest, and so forth? I ask you all this if he was such a racist then why was he liked so well and why did his records sell so well. Why is it that people who has families let their children listen to Johnny. Johnny is a WONDERFUL MAN. EVERYONE SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES FOR THINKING SUCH A THING ABOUT THE MAN.

May Johnny's legacy live on.

whos to say | Reviewer: Les | 9/2/07

In some way we are all bigots and racists... I am Native American...but I have no use for some Native Americans...and I have no use for soem blacks and I have no use for some whites and I detest Rich people...and blonds are stupid...etc...etc... I dont know if Johnny Cas ever really did sing this song or not...but if he did so what....I challenge even one person to post on here and say they are totally not bigoted in some way...and in that people I will show you a liar.....

Haha, bullshit. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/26/07

For all of you who seem to be so sure he was racist, where is your source of information? Can you prove it? Because I'm most certain you can't, and that if you even have a source, it's unreliable. Johnny Cash was not a racist man. Look back at any of his lyrics and tell me if they reflect the mind of a racist man.

Related | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/28/07

My sister Danielle who is in the 7th grade is a sousin of JC. Orville Bill is JC's cousin so Im not sure if my sister is a 1st or 2nd cousin of Johnny Cash.

Johnny Rebel | Reviewer: Ryan | 1/7/07

Your actually all wrong ^^,

the version available for download is actually Johnny Rebel and the 3-bigots, the album is available here.

I do not support the lyrics of the song, nor the intentions, i do however, support the catchy tune.

wikipedia/johnny cash | Reviewer: kmb | 12/3/06

Wikipedia is open for any one to upload any information they want to you fucking idiot. I'm not saying he is a racist or not. I'm just saying your fucking stupid.

Johnny Cash did not write Ship those niggers back | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/5/06

The evidence i provide:
1. It doesn't sound like him -- listen to the voice.
2. Cah never picked out a boring song like that.
3. It is uncharacteristic. Listen to Man in Black (for exampole) then ask yourself if the same person could write both songs?
4. It is written by a southern skinhead punk band. I wont give the name cuz i dont want to give any promotion for them. Somone posted the song to music sharing services with Johnny Cash's name to get more people to hear a racist song. Pathetic.

JR CASH - Legend - Soul Catcher - Unbelievably Talented - The Man! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/3/06

I am an Aboriginal Australian woman - as black as they come! I am 29 years old & have never had the enlightening experience of listening to music that touches your heart, lifts your soul, & truely makes you think about life the way I have with JR Cash. Lifes troubles and tribulations meant a crack of jack with this man - I can relate to his tables that once turned, although I never have embraced religion as such. I love his words, I love his music. I cannot name 1 other artist who makes me feel as good inside as I do when I hear the BIGGEST legend of all time - Johnny Cash. Come down under & see just how many black fellas love him, he was no racist! He was a straight out guy with lots to say, and it truely touches me more than anything. :)

Mr Cash | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/18/06

I was a little surprised to come across this song as I happen to be black and have recently discovered that Johnny C. is acracking musician.

For any distressed fans out there who are unsure as to whether mr cash is an inbred, sorry I meant, retarded redneck, no no sorry racist, suggest you check out the following webpage written by someone who seems to have some knowledge on racist music:

The upshot is that mr johhny C is kosher, human, normal, doesn't have webbed feet, doesn't enjoy the homo-eroticism of racist punk mosh pits, doesn't jerk off to pictures of adolph hitler, and wasn't paranoid that his wife would any day now run off with a nigger because his own penis was too smal to satisfy a mouse.

The man in black had a soul | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/17/06

JC is a legend he loved black people he loved all gods people his heart was pure and good yes he had his share of problems but who doesnt his songs everyone felt no matter your background or your skin color that trash was a pointless piece of garbage as we all know JC song with soul lots of it am a black women that listen to JC with my dad when i was a lil child and since the movie walk the line came out am his fan all over again RIP JC & JUNE

What we really know... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/16/06

YES Johnny Cash sang this song... did he write it? NO... did he sing it first? NO... BUT its a racist song and i wonder WHY he sang it. Im not saying hes racist or not but i wonder what he was thnking when he sang it. Theres proof that he sang and and theres proof that he shows in most of his actions(in jamacia) hes not racist. WHY cant be still be alive so i can ask him! :(

Johnny Cash and Ray Charles | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/8/06

I don't think that Johnny Cash was part of this racist song. If Johnny Cash was really racist, would he have made a song with Ray Charles (Crazy Old Soldier)?

ship those niggers back | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/6/06

i think that this song was just a joke recorded by johnny cash or else merely a song reflecting the political status at the time, but definitely not his actual views.

JC CASH | Reviewer: seb | 9/18/06

hey everybody, i've always been a great johnny cash fan, and i've done some research and johnny csah has absolutely nothing to do with this song. Its is not mentioned in any serious discography or biography. He has made any reference to it in his twi autobiographies. No article has been written about it, the credits of the song itself are very vague and vary a great deal depending on the source. He s never said any prejudicial about black people and all the people who have known him and spoken about him remember him as a tolerant man (though maybe a little conservative). that doesn't make him the singer or songwriter of that pathetic piece of shit.

... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/6/06

Is The song a Cash-song or NOT ????
I really wanna' know because i didn't know he was a racicst..

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