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Performed by Johnny Cash

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Memories | Reviewer: Bonita | 5/27/13

In 1950 when I was in high school chorus we sang this song at a recital. I have thought of it off and on over the years, but it has been running through my head constantly over the past few days. I'm so happy to find the lyrics again as I had fogotten some of them.

Music book | Reviewer: Billie Linder | 2/4/12

This was one of my favorites as a child. I learned to play piano from an old hardbound music book, whick contained My Grandfather's Clock, as well as a lot of other great really old-timers! Would anyone know @ that book? Believe it was a set - more than one volume, and all music. Must have been published early 1900's


This song was a favorite of mine when I was a child in the 40's. My grandmother had a clock that was received by her and her husband as a wedding gift in the 1890's. It was from Germany and was called a "Hunter's" clock. I always loved to hear (and see) it when it noted the hour and the half hour. A hunter came out and blew his horn instead of chiming. After my grandmother died, the clock was given to our family. I was the one who always pulled the weights for winding it. Eventually I was given the clock because no one could get the clock to work while I was no longer living in the family home. When I bought my own home, the clock came along with me. I was glad to find the history of a grandfather's clock and also to read the lyrics of that old song. Thanks very much.

Thanks for the memory | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/13/10

My husband and I are in our 80's and are in the process of refinishing the mahogany case of my own grandfather's 6-foot-tall grandfather clock, (the face, brasses and clockworks are all in perfect condition.) As we worked on the clock, I unexpectedly recalled the tune, and most of the first verse and Chorus of a favorite chidhood song, "My Grandfather's Clock." I was curious about the song's history, author, additional verses, etc., and was delighted to find answers in this excellent review in Google.

So glad to hear it again | Reviewer: Peggy Bell | 7/13/07

Traveling down the road and heard this music on the radio. Was so glad to hear it again! Very nostalgic.

I am so happy now | Reviewer: Barbara B. | 6/12/07

My Mother sang this song to me when I was little. Over the years I had forgotten much of the lyric. Thank you for restoring my memories!

nostalgic song | Reviewer: dipankar bose | 1/13/06

this song was my favourite when i was in kindergarten.
still the song remains one of my favourites and turns me nostalgic.
i feel so much attached to it.

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