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Performed by Johnny Cash

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I remember | Reviewer: USAF Dependent | 3/8/2008

Yes this song was recorded by Johnny Cash. I remember the album being played in our home whe I was young. If I remember correctly the album was all war/soldier songs. The famous hit Ira Hayes "the whiskey drinking Indian called the Marine that went to war", about the alcoholic Indian / war hero was also on that album. Johnny Cash was dressed in American Indian style on the album Cover. It was a great and moving album. A wonderful tribute to the American soldiers at a time when there was alot of negative controversy over the Vietnam war.

Artist's name | Reviewer: Dave | 7/30/2007

Your lyrics are spot on but the original artist is Staff Sergeant Barry Sadler. I wish Johnny Cash did a version but if he did I can't find it anywhere. Anyway, I only responded because there was a handy link right next to the lyrics. I didn't go out of my way to nitpick. Take care.

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