I'm Gay | Reviewer: John Mayer | 12/31/07

This song is hardly one of my best works. What was I thinking? Bubble Gum tongue?? This song seriously did it for you people? Wow guess I shouldn't try so hard to write good music if this crap will get me by.

amaizing gorgeous beautiful not to mention sexy | Reviewer: angela | 12/11/07

This is the type of song that really wins a girls heart. A tip for any guys out there if you play this for your girl friend or girl friend to be wether on a guitar or just sing it or even just listen to it together on an mp3 on the beach you will win her over. She will not only fall in love with the song but she will also fall in love with you, under the right surcumstances of course.

John Mayer is hot and sexy, not only his body but the way he carries himself altogether. This is the type of song you just want to listen to sitting on a beach while making out with the guy of your dreams:)

Your Body Is A Wonderland | Reviewer: Lee Bueno | 12/7/07

Your body is a wonderland is a sex song, but is very unique, today’s music revolve around sex and drugs in the genre of rhythm and blues. Their afternoon both together matters more to them then their whole life plans.

Dang | Reviewer: Master E | 10/3/07

I played this to a lady I've been courting for some time now and well, wedding was a blast and now the kids on the way. lol

Thanks John!

You want love? We'll make it. | Reviewer: Lucy | 6/14/07

I am in LOVE with this song. Every single time I hear it a smile suddenly appears on my face, even after the worst day. I was at John Mayers concert the other night at the bowl, and when he played this song all my friends and I just started dancing. It made us so happy to hear it, I love this song. Amazing job John, yet another amazing song.

hell yeah man | Reviewer: Christ | 5/22/07

I never heard a kind of song like this one. it really gives me an inspiration about love. every time I hear this song, I always remember for a girl named Angel. beautifuljust like her name. as beautiful as this song.

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/8/07

my boyfriend told me to listen to this song cos he said it makes him think of me and i was like aww this is a sweet as song... ah i looove it lol :D

Hot! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/22/07

This aong is unbelivably sexy, yet classy at the same time. John's voice is so sexy and unique, he's truly talented.

peace to my heart | Reviewer: jazzibella | 3/18/07

first of all, john mayer is amazing,his voice is rare,unique and one of a kind.listening to this song makes me thankful for good music.i find peace of mind by listening to this song and i think it's the best song in the world.

yeah | Reviewer: jmlover | 2/28/07

this song is such a good song. great song for your loved one

Sunday Morning Rendezvous @ 1320 | Reviewer: Raquel Garcia | 6/16/06

Beautiful lyrics. I love this song! John Mayer is Hot! Eventhough I have played this song over and over again, everytime is like the first time and I fall in love with the song all over again! It's such a sexy, sultry song. The song reminds me of the blissful moments I spent with a sexy Libra in Wicker Park, Russell.

You know where I'm at Nene...


Sunday Morning Rendezvous @ 1320 | Reviewer: 1847 | 6/15/06

This song is amazing. It reminds me of the blissful makeout fests I had with a Sexy Libra in Bucktown, Russell. I have played this song countless times and I still love it!
John Mayer is HOT!

SEXY!!! :)' | Reviewer: Cheyane | 5/27/06

I luv this song!!! It's mine and my boyfriend's song...ya know...how u can hear that special song and it just makes u feel so good...well this 1 iz really IT!!! and once u hear it- it never goes away...

Your body is a wonderland - John Mayer | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/2/05

I love this song. John Mayer really knows how to make girls go creazy over this song. Something about this song that everytime I hear it I go into this dream land. I love it.

Great song | Reviewer: jankees | 4/20/05

This song is great... I've got great memories about this one!

John Mayer is my HERO!!! Why don't you come to holland sometime!