Great music beautiful girl | Reviewer: Cristiant Ari P | 5/4/12

I love this song while I listening in Kuta beach enjoying a couple of beer with my girlfriend I see her body with the beatiful tatoo and smell her body . great music , beautiful girl amazing..

Naming issue | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/17/11

I agree that the person who was claiming to be John mayer is not John. First of all I know john and he says he actually really likes that song. Secondly the title of the comment is "I'm gay" and johns humor is much more sophisticated then that. Anyway great song to get the girls to stay the night. ;)

Your Body Is A Wonderland | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/24/10

So this is the most relaxed, layed back, sweet but yet errotic song that I know of. It is absolutely incredible and is officially my new favorite song. I know I would burst out in tears of joy if the guy i have a thing for ever sang this to me. Tons of girls dream about having a song like this dedicated to them. So gentlemen, if you ever decide you're going to do something special for the girl of your dreams and you plan to sing/play her something: this is your song. trust me.

Love it | Reviewer: neel nirjon | 3/23/10

D gal i love just made me hear it... N now when i finally did... I just wanna sing it to her over n over again, just to dat one gal on earth... it's beautiful... cz, it somehow gives a rare chance to completely express u'r feelings... hat's off 2 it :p

morons | Reviewer: John Mayer | 9/11/09

ANYONE can come on and say they are John Mayer that's the thing about computers they are anonymous. Get real dont believe someone just because they say they are John Mayer

I put my name as John Mayer to prove that the jackass posting is most likely not John Mayer. You people are gullible.

Pure ectsasy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/13/09

A very special guy on myspace sent me this track ....I think I got the message. I have played this track over and over again- the lyrics are so romantic and sensual and paint an exquisite picture of a couple meeting for the first time ....bubblegum tongue ....incredible...makes me feel weak all over just imagining being there with him....x

no words... | Reviewer: Tatyana | 5/11/09

This is THE MOST sexy song I ever heard so far. Its a great combination of the beauty of music, sexy voice and sophistication of lyrics that makes it so special... And I just can't help but dream of John every time I listen to it...

i love this song. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/6/09

this song is so adorable.
everytime i hear it, it just makes me fall in love with john mayer even more :]

oh and to everyone who is making a big deal about "John Mayer" talking crap about his own song, how do you know it's even really him? it probably isn't, it's most likely a hater! he could have easily just typed his name as john mayer.

yur body is a wonderland | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/4/09

this song is so cute... its not about the sex or the hotness of his girl. it is about the little things that make him love her more than anyone in the world... the way her hair looks and how she crawls to the pillow. it is the real life... he is worshipping her not just her ass and boobs.

Feeling dised | Reviewer: Feeling dised | 2/13/09

Is that really Mr. Mayer's responce to his own song? Wow, so he's saying his fans don't warrant his trying hard if we'll "settle" for crap...Shame on you Mr. Mayer, we're your fans, be careful what you say about/toward us. No need to be embarassed about the lyrics (if you are) I've never seen a bad word written/said about them until I saw your own review...Give us some credit.

Melting | Reviewer: Bella | 2/12/09

My man played this song for me and sang it to me and now I absolutely melt everytime I hear it. I know it probably has a lot to do with the circumstances but still, I think this song is beautiful and sweet and any girl would love to have someone they love to sing it to them and mean it:)

very well done . . . | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/28/08

If you just read the lyrics, John seems to be a jerk who sings about sex. But, when it combines with the music, it turns out very well and John seems like the most romantic man on the earth.
Well done, John!

Bubblegum Lips | Reviewer: AnonymousT | 8/7/08

In response to John Mayer himself :) >

I think it is actually the combination between your soothing voice and the simple lyrics. Sometimes it's not the choice of words that woos a person, sometimes it is the sincerity behind the words.

Nontheless I did not find the 'bubblegum lips' too cringe worthy.

Sexy Sweet Song | Reviewer: Meeka | 1/27/08

This song is soooo sweet & sexy & it makes u want 2 cuddle & make love 2 da one u love & care about. It also makes u want 2 explore ur lovers body & take ur lovers body 2 places its never been!!!!!

I LOVE this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/21/08

Omg this is my favorite song ever! I seriously listen to this song for hours. Omg i really want a guy to play this for me. Haha but seriously this is amazing. I love John's voice and when other people try to sing it it's never the same