Not a doomed relationship | Reviewer: ren | 9/4/08

I don't agree with the song being about a doomed couple, coming to an end. For starters the relationship is just starting, they are just getting to know each other "And your favorite colors / I'm learning you". I think that it's a song about hope. How about that? If you start a relationship in November, you can hope to at least make it to March, and after that... well, we'll see.

hmm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/1/08

Sometimes no matter what a song means, a song becomes a canvas to record the atmosphere, the feelings, of a part of your life, good or bad. This song recorded everything that went through during the most beautiful time of my life, when I fell in love. Everytime this song plays, it generates that warmth inside me and everything that could get me carried away. Also quite bittersweet because that time is over. But yeah, even if its about something sad, it still is a very romantic song for me.


Joni got it | Reviewer: craig | 12/26/07

I was gonna write a review about the meaning of this song but Joni beat me too it. I've loved this song since i first heard it but didn't really think about what it meant. This song is about a relationship where the two people are just holding on because they feel that they have to to avoid being alone. Like the holidays... Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentine's are the only things keeping them together. Basically after St. Patrick's Day they think they'll be ready to let go finally. They don't want to break up before then and feel like losers during all those other holidays.

won't you be my valentine? | Reviewer: Valeria | 11/17/07

i loved someone who broke my heart.. this song talks about what exactly happened.. that's why it touches my heart

Touching | Reviewer: Haley, | 11/13/07

For some reason i heard this song, and right away i thought, john mayer... you did it again. if you really look at the lyrics and listen to what he is saying, god. just connections... pure connections. I wish every song could be this beautiful, i would like to dedicate this song... Kyle if you see this, i am always thinking of you. Even Until St. Patrick's Day.

blue lights on a black night can make you feel more.. | Reviewer: Laurel | 7/11/07

I think this song is beautiful, and to me, it is bittersweet, but that just makes it all the more interesting. John Mayer just brings out so much honesty.

Well no.. | Reviewer: me | 7/4/07

I don't think it really matters whether John Mayer was writing a beautiful love song or some evil satanic poem. Its a beautiful song and like all songs, everyone interprets them different. That's something that makes alot of songs truly wonderful.
C xx

deadly, yes, but not something to play for a potential new love... | Reviewer: joni | 5/27/07

wow, i don't mean to be a jerk but do you guys (debra and joseph ellis) have a different interpretation of what i think this song means? it's about a doomed relationship that is coming to end, but due to holidays and other circumstances the couple keep putting it off. it's not romantic but rather bittersweet in that "I love you but I'm not in love with you anymore" kind of way...

this song is deadly | Reviewer: Joseph Ellis | 5/18/07

i'm a huuuuuuuge john mayer fan, and of all his earlier works (before continuum that is) i think this one holds position as one of the stupid mouth is also a deadly just a sucker for a good acoustic tune and john mayer knows how to lay them out..i want to tab this one out and play it for that special girl man..mabe someday..cheers, joe

St. Patrick's Day | Reviewer: Debra O'Neal | 7/26/05

A potential new love sent me the name of the song to listen to. I know the lyrics but am not familiar with the melody. I'd love to hear it. Don't have an MP3 player (I'm a young 50 - and technologically challenged). I'd love to hear it through the speakers on my PC. Thank you.