its significance in WEetern Australia in the 1800's for Patriot John Boyle OReilly | Reviewer: mary joyce murphy | 7/6/13

Planning an escape, to America, from convict camp in Bunbury West Australia,
John Boyle OReilly, 1844- 1890, poet and writer and patriot, told 'Himself' in 1905 the stosy of his escape..[ from south western Australia to Boston, America] .. Having been warned by a person he came to trust - to forget his own revealed 'suicidal' plan, OReilly was hiding behind a big gum tree.. at night.. after some troopers on horseback went by, the song 'St Patrick's Day' was being whistled .. possibly the signal that the person who promised to help him with a better escape plan, was near ?? .. A song about Hope? - yes.

fro little green people in the world | Reviewer: happy s patrick,rednickway | 3/17/13

Happy sant patricks day all u berr drinking red nick out in santa rosa ca we miss all u fools fomr hear in tx hope u ha ve a good day safe comming home don't drink drive let got b e whith you all little green alves out thire .

Everyone sees songs differently depending on where they are in their own life | Reviewer: Ellie | 3/17/11

I have to agree that I see it as being about people being together to get through the tough winter, when you reach St Patricks Day the weather is normally getting better, the days are drawing out...the need for a partner or a lover is far less so I think this song is about people being together for fear of having to go through the winter months alone, though I really think it depends on where you are in your own life on how you interpret music so I find all the different thoughts fascinating, especially an artist like John Mayor who's lyrics are complex and able to be re-interpreted, probably turn out he just wrote it for the hell of it haha!!

newlywed | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/30/10

i've known this song for a long time & loved it, just because it's so beautiful...i recently got married. my husband will begin boot camp 2 days before st. patrick's day. lol. the whole meaning of this song has changed for me. i'm sure you can figure out what it means to me now. just thought the timing in my life compared to this song was amazing.

the one that left him heart broke | Reviewer: | 6/1/10

The song is actually about his first love that left him, there is at least three others about her. She was always a head of him and he knew it. Maybe if there are love holidays near that she won't want to be single like Christmas and Valentines. St patrics day its the one were its ok to be single. He probably won't ever forget about her.

...what? Some of the people that are posting are stupid. | Reviewer: Kyle | 3/24/10

No... he's saying because no one wants to be alone at Christmas they won't break up. Because January is the time of new beginning, they won't break up. Even in February they'll put it out of their minds just to make sure they have someone through Valentines...but unlike the other Holidays, you won't seem like a moron on St. Patrick's they relationship is safe till then. Break or not he's happy with the relationship they had or will have.

is it better to fake it than to be alone? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/17/10

at first, when i listened to this song i thought it was sweet- singing about a couple that cant stand to be apart or alone during the holidays and how they can both rely on st. patricks day to reunite them. after listening more closely, i think that it is about relationships that exist simply for the sake of being in a relationship and for the sake of dispelling insecurities. the anticipatory tone indicates a nearing loneliness ("here comes the cold") which he responds to by finding a lover. as the months pass, the seasons and holidays provide new excuses to stay together and prolong him from examining his relationship for what it really is. his lover is "in the dark" on the phone, and he is talking to her "like children do"- i think this is hinting towards her childlike naivety, the fact that maybe she doesn't know that he isn't completely invested in this relationship and that perhaps their relationship is not the most profound/deep relationship that he has been in. when he says he is "safe" until st. patricks day, it makes it sound like he had been using this relationship until it is ok/convenient to be alone/exposed. the most ironic part is in the bridge when they "take a ride" and everyone wants to be like them. the circular tune makes it sound like a carnival and again hints towards the immaturity/lack of depth in the relationship- and perhaps also to the game that they are playing with one another to avoid being alone. this is the most profound part of the song because he is singing about faking this relationship, and yet everyone wants what he has- even if it isn't real. the reason that this song really resonates- according to whatever interpretation- is because it states a simple truth (that no one wants to be alone!) and describes in a very real way how we all have avoided being lonely from time to time.
and even though he says he is alright in this relationship, the dragging beat and sadder melody says that he is dissatisfied with this feigned relationship despite the fact that it has spared him from facing how he really feels. so the question faces us all- is it better to fake it than to be alone?

St. Patrick's Day | Reviewer: Denise | 3/17/10

I dont think it is about a doomed relationship either. I think it's about a beginning relationship and how you don't know how that's gonna go. But as long as we make it til St. Patricks Day then we will always have a beautiful time to look back on. That is in the end what it means to me.

It's the song I'd listen to with my ex-boyfriend. We used to dance to it together. Now I listen to it alone and find comfort in the last lines. Because eventhough we didn't make it (And if our always is all that we gave; And we someday take that away; I'll be alright if it was just 'til St. Patrick's Day), he's left me with beautiful memories, so it's okay...

great stuff here | Reviewer: matthew | 3/16/10

it's so exciting to see your comments about this's such a great example of what all great writing can do: it evokes. it is a canvas onto which we can project our own experience.

and john seems to achieve this so often. ive wondered for a few years how he gets it so accurate -- has been following me around and taking notes?

and also wondering how such a rich, famous, good looking, talented young man could have the same heartbreaks and disapointments that i do. there is something encouraging about the universality of human existence. but maybe a little sad to think that it couldnt go a little easier for someone so charmed.

or maybe he's as happy as a clam and just has a really great imagination...

either way...yay, john. keep it up!

wish there were more | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/8/10

I've been listening to this song, and loving it, for quite a while. It wasn't until today I realized exactly what it said. Ironically, I am currently in a hopeful relationship, which began in November. John Mayer, has, yet again, written a song that echoes my life. I wish there were more songs like these in the world.

I think | Reviewer: beth | 9/24/09

It seems to me more like he knows that no one wants to be alone during any holidays, and in october and novemeber and april and february there are all these holidays. and then when st patricks day comes around in march, theres a couple of months with nothing important following. so basically its like a given theyll stay together til st patricks, but after that, theyll have to rely solely on emotion to stay together

seasons | Reviewer: genevieve | 9/10/09

there's a dreamy quality about this song, like if you're singing it you have to be staring into space, thinking aloud, imagining what the future would be like...

i think this song is about hope.

it reminds me of that song "if ever i would leave you" from the musical "camelot".

it begins with "it wouldn't be in summer" then in the next stanza... "how can it be in autumn?" then in the next: "could i leave you running merrily through the snow?" then ends with "oh no not in springtime, summer, winter, or fall/ no never could i leave you at all."

So touching | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/7/09

This song is so romantic and touching.My interpretation of this song is that two individuals being together although one of them is already thinking of walking away from the relationship.What ties them together for some more months is simply the feeling of don't wanna be alone during Christmas time.It's a great song.John Mayer wrote it beautifully.

Last Stanza | Reviewer: Mel | 10/20/08

And if our always is all that we gave
And we someday take that away
I'll be alright if it was just 'til St. Patrick's Day

I think this last stanza meant that the couple has given all and much in their relationship with each other throughout the years. And if there come a time when these things will be taken away and matter no more, he'll be feeling fine and alright if it was just until St. Patrick's Day.

Because after that day, the year seems longer with less holidays and reunions and meet-ups. At least before St. Patrick's Day, there's Christmas, New Year and Valentine's Day. There are reasons to celebrate those occasions, be with people and feel occupied.

So I guess he's saying that he'll be okay if it was just till then as after St. Patrick's Day, he'll be feeling lonely once more.

Definately not about doomed relationship. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/22/08

I'm with ren. This song is not about a doomed relationship at all. Check out the last part... And if our always is all that we gave
And we someday take that away
I'll be alright if it was just 'til St. Patrick's Day

What he's saying is that he doesn't know what will happen, but at least wants to make it that far and go from there. It is about hope. I guess I'm partial because this is me and my husbands song and is the reason we married on St. Patricks day.