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Performed by John Mayer

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THIS SONG STINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Sue | 11/25/08

it plats everyyyyyyy single day on the radio.... atleast 3 times!!!!!!! and certainly there are ppl out there that love it but it stinkssssss!!!!!!!! A little bit more of creativity in the chorus please!!!!! someone should do a remix of it LOL

Taking Chances! | Reviewer: Patriece | 11/19/08

Life is too short to not say what you want to say what you need to say. It is the repetiveness that empowers you to do just that. It was this song that made me take a chance on love again when I was ready to walk away.

You guys seriously think he was being meaningful? | Reviewer: Niki | 11/14/08

The lyrics aren't beautiful at all. They're schmaltzy and cliche and obviously repetitive. First of all, don't get me started on the 40 lines of "Say What You Need to Say" and the ridiculous irony of him never saying it. Second, "better put them in quotations"? What the heck kind of advice is that? That's just nonsensical. Maybe he could have used a cliche there. Which brings me to my third point: each verse (yes, there are verses hidden amongst the Attack of the Repeated Chorus Line) reads like an angsty 10th grader's poetry journal after he just lost his first love when she got mad because he wore his Chuck Taylors to Homecoming to be original and edgy. "Do it with a heart wide open"? "Fighting with the shadows in your head"? Bah. It sounds like The Sphinx from Mystery Men: When you care what is outside, what is inside cares for you. Ambiguous, generic lyrics meant to make you think that he wrote them in a fit of passion to help you heartbroken and weary out there connect to him, like that song was written exactly for you and your situation. Get real, guys. He probably wrote them while waiting for his eggs at a diner. (In fact, he probably used up all the napkins writing the chorus over and over and over and over and over...)

Listen | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/6/08

Well I think this is a great song. IM still preety young, goin through life, hitting bumbs in the road. But all I can do is say what I really think I need to. This song brings out a HUGE moral. Ya it kinda repeats a lot. but you need to hear it many many times to get it. Life is hard. But please dont give up and just get it out and say what you need to!!

AWESOME | Reviewer: anonymous | 10/31/08

Dear Shutup Already:
I never really listened to this song until recently...and it encouraged me to say what I needed to say to someone who had hurt me deeply...evidently you are a brick wall and have no way of being hurt...but someday when those walls come down and you realize the truth and the honesty of this song, I pray that you will learn to say what you need to say.
John: thanks for a great song! This is the first song of yours that I have listened to and fell in love with. Awesome stuff!

someone's baby | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/26/08

this song definately hits close to home for me. i've had my share of difficult conversations in the past few months,and this song was going through my mind during each and every one of them. it empowers me and encourages me to say what i need to say and to be truthful with others even when i know it will hurt.

lovely | Reviewer: ghada | 9/18/08

this song is just amazing... those who don’t get it are those who never been in love... when u r in a relationship sometimes u don’t get the chance to say what u need to say or want to say ... this song is all about taking the chance to say what u always wanted to say to ur beloved ..... It encourages u to do something.. It motivates u to stop wishing ur relationship is not over and hoping for another chance... do what u have to do to say what u need to say... love is all about compromises!!

Joseph Pinto | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/5/08

The lyrics are mind blowing... It soothes the mind. I feel the we need say what we need to say. Before its too late..Even though you are one man army.... Even though situations are not your favourites....SAY WHAT YOU NEED TO SAY | Reviewer: Noah | 8/20/08

I first heard this song in "The Bucket List" (Aren't Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson great together) and was about in tears byt the end of the movie, and this song was the perfect touch.I love this song. It's amazing how the same repetitive line, can be so heart-warming and profound. I highly reccommend this song, and "The Bucket List" If you haven't seen it.

beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/13/08

this song is touching. i heard it and cried. it just makes you think...everyone says they dont like it because hes repetitive but i love this song beyond words. i think its beautiful. listen to the message and stop counting sentences people.

Classic Stuff | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/25/08

The first time I heard the song was as the credits
rolled for the movie the Bucket List. It really touched me. I don't understand how people do not get what John it trying to say. In todays world,
with todays music its very refreashing to hear a song that makes you think and feel. Back in the 60's there were many. Say is classic song writting
at its best. Yes, the repeating of say what you need to say can get to you, but all in all its a great song and I am thankful for artists, like John that care enough to still write songs that move you. Make you think about how short life
really is, so don't waste a minute...Say what you
need to say, for tomarrow maybe to late!...

Lovely... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/16/08

My sister had bought this song from iTunes but I hadn't listened to it very much or found it all that great when I went to see the movie "The Bucket List" with my friends. Now, we're only in middle school, and we always laugh at our moms when they cry during movies. But this movie really touched us all and we were all looking at each other with tears in our eyes at the very end of the film. Then this song came on during the credits and it just made it such a perfect moment. The tone was perfect, and Mayer's voice was somewhat comforting. The thing about John Mayer is that his voice can be soothing but somewhat boring, and though the messages in his songs are nice, they can sometimes be, quite frankly, annoying. For example, when listening to "Waiting on the World to Change," I always feel the need to get up and shake him, or something. It is that attitude that has gotten our world so messed up in the first place - people who claim they care but do nothing to actively make a difference. My generation needs to step forward and fight for change, not passively "wait" for it. Anyway, back to "Say," this song has a good, inspiring message, though the repetitiveness can get annoying. Overall, a calm, soothing, and meaningful song, with a lovely melody.

Shut up already.... | Reviewer: booger | 5/29/08

Good Lord. How freakin' many times can you repeat yourself in a song? Johnny-boy obviously had some serious creative block the day he wrote this crap. I want to slam a brick through my co-worker's PC....she plays it about 10 times a day and drives me up the damn wall.

feeling | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/25/08

Heard that song at the end of a film. It was the first time I had that feeling again to say things in a heartly way for a long time. Right that moment I got an Email from the girl I wanted to here these things. Amazingly unbelievable

Amazing!!! | Reviewer: tobi | 4/15/08

I was watching Dancing With the Stars and heard one of the couples dancing to this song - had to find out who sang it. Wow, this is an amazing song. Mayer is such an intuitive singer/songwriter. This song is great!! I felt so much when I heard it!

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