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Performed by John Mayer

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Left out | Reviewer: thedanidoll | 4/5/08

I've been listening to this song since the first time I downloaded the free music video from iTunes. I'm a great Johnny fan- I love and respect this man and what he makes so much. But every time I make a grab at this song- I totally destroy it for myself. And then I hear these fantastic reviews about how inspired and moved people are at this, and I feel SO left out. I mean, it doesn't even make sense why I'm such a bitch about loving it. I KNOW John himself feels very accomplished over this song, I do really lift to the sound, I just start contemplating the verse- and then it starts telling me to say what I need to say 52 billion times and I lose it. I've tried to convince myself enough times to love this song that I KNOW it's got an imperative message and that John reiterates his good advise as often as he does for the sake of being beautifully short and sweet and to the soul- but 52 billion times is not short, and even though it IS sweet and to the soul, it's the first time I've ever gotten impatient over a song of his. I DO totally see the potential of my getting something from this, though and expect it to come through some live performance, where he has the opportunity to deviate from the original frame and hone into what'll make it truly spectacular.

I'll say it again, I feel completely left out of this song because you guys seem to get it, and he certainly gets it, but it's like I'm tripping over and over again whenever it gets to the part that every one else enjoys. It's this bad seed that's sitting at the base of my head, that I keep being reminded about, that I just wish were different or would go away. gah! Alternate version, please.

Say | Reviewer: Lonely | 3/21/08

This song is absolutely amazing, i constantly listen to it and it makes me think so much about everything. This song makes you think that life is so simple and you can just say anything and speak your feelings. It really gave me motivation to really say what i need to say..
thanks :)

i'm not afraid... | Reviewer: I should say | 3/11/08

this song is just great!...i wasn't that good, now i feel "worse" like... i gotta think with myself 'bout my atitudes, about my feelings, about people around me... and i must say what i need to say, to the ones made me feel bad, the ones i love, the ones i'v forgiven, the ones i have to ask to forgive me... such a great song!

Heartfelt | Reviewer: shai | 3/8/08

Hi guys!
I was taken the very first time I heard this song. I was at that time on my way home, passing by a busy street when it suddenly played on the radio. The song is just so moving that I tried so hard not to cry in the public vehicle that I was riding in. Such a beautiful song. Yes, it does make me sad everytime I hear it play but there is a reason why I feel such emotion. I wish I am brave enough to say what I really want to say without holding anything back. Life is just so precious to be wasted on what if's.

Graceful Exit | Reviewer: janine timbal | 3/6/08

i am thankful to this song for reminding me the most important thing after all, happiness inspired by love... i saw The Bucket List , i was enlightened... the movie deliver the song perfectly...

i hope we could all have a graceful exit by doing the things that makes us happy and by saying what we need to say to all the people we love.....

It must just be me... | Reviewer: MH | 3/5/08

....but 42 times, John? Say what YOU need to say... First time I heard this song I thought... wow... you couldn't come up with any more lyrics so you just kept repeating them... over n over n over and OVER again... It'd be an excellent song if I didn't have to hear the whining. I think if you're trying to tell us about baring our souls to say what we need to say... why don't you say what YOU need to say... bare your soul...

*Sighs* | Reviewer: JJ | 1/18/08

you know, it's really hard whether or not i want to listen to the song over and over again. and no, you're not getting the i-hat-this-song vibe. it's just that, first time i heard the intro, i was like "WOW!!!!" and then as the first verse started off, i was really liking it, then the chorus came along. i was starting to feel very strange. then the second verse, then the bridge, and i was all "MY GOD!! i was practically crying. it just feels really sad and especially there's something inside me that really wants out! it's really really really really heartwarming song but also the type of song that will make you cry everytime you listen to it. that's why i dont wanna listen to it over and over again. one was enough to make me cry.

i don't know about you guys but i just really have that strong a feeling for this song he wrote. it isn't like the tingles when i hear "your body is a wonderland". but guess what, 5 STARS for this song! way to go Johnny!

Gorgeous | Reviewer: JM | 1/1/08

Amazing Song. It really makes you think about how you should always be telling your family and friends how much you love them because one day they might not be there or you might not be. Say what you need to say, and never regret it. John Mayer is AMAZING.

Unfinsihed Business | Reviewer: KRS | 12/9/07

Sooo glad I heard this song. It helped me decide to say things I'd want to be said if I never got the opportunity of earth again. So, I'll try to heal the hurt that I caused in a relationship with a prince of a man before it's too late. A beautiful heartwrenching song. Unforgettable.

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