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Lyrically and Musically a GENIUS!!!!! | Reviewer: Tumbles | 9/5/07

John Mayer is the type of musician I like to hear. He is the best balance of good music, good lyrics and good singing- all of them are "practically perfect in every way". He frequently leaves me with my jaw on the floor because of the beauty of his lyrics, he is one that can write a suggestive love song (your body is a wonderland) and make it sound more sexy than if specific references were made to certain 'body parts'. The depth of his lyrics are amazing, as a singer/song writer/ musician, I dream of achieving the depth in lyrics and musical elitness of John.

Thankyou John, you are my biggest musical influence.

Worlds greatest! | Reviewer: Caity | 8/15/07

I never really listerned to JOHN MAYER until my sister took me to a concert of his in April this year. I had an awesome time! Since then I listern to him all the time and whenever I can I read about him. I don't have a favourite song, there all as beautiful and deep as the next! Next time he's in Brisbane, Australia, I'm there! If you havent heard him your missing out on a once and a lifetime chance!

damn | Reviewer: montu bettis | 8/1/07

yo johnny you got talent. Sometimes you forget that musicians are people and that they arent their product. When i here songs like New Deep it gives me hope that my inner thoughts about things such as the circle you walk in trying to find lifes mysteries can be heard and i can still have mainstream success. I hope that i can oneday meet you since i just moved to atlanta and will be playing at Eddies Attic soon.

A Musical Sound | Reviewer: Mike King | 7/24/07

As someone who picked up Music after a accident recived while playing football in high school, I started playing piano and after a year also started to play guitar inspired by the music of John Mayer. The ability to re-create yourself but staying true to the things that you belive in is remarkable and mayer in my mind makes it look simple. Being a musician performing at bars, restraunts, and different venues know how difficult this is. I am inspired myself to continue to write and compose and share bits of what i am thinking and feeling with people aswell.

amen. | Reviewer: ms. mayer | 7/20/07


An old soul | Reviewer: Dawn Marks | 7/16/07

In my opinion, John is an old soul in a young,still developing persona -maybe Jimmy Hendrix is coming through again- He has the ability to touch hearts across generations and that is the true test of a legendary musician, songwriter, singer. At fifty, I haven,t been this excited about a performer since Clapton and I can,t wait to see what this guy is capable of down the road- A true musical genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Very Blessed Man | Reviewer: Terri Ladner | 7/7/07

People feel really connected with you John. You are one of the extra blessed people, and connect with people thru your music, soul, humor, and charisma. I am so proud of you, and am watching you make huge changes for the world with your blessed life. I'm rejoicing in what you're doing to make the world a better place. Thankyou for that. check out the website for more ideas people. It'll blow your minds what Lama Zopa Rinpoche does to make this world a better place! <3

John Mayer is a musical god! | Reviewer: Heaby | 6/5/07

i have nearly all of john mayer's released songs in my possession and i absolutely love them all. Some more than others (Why georgia, love song for noone, etc..) Music is not like it used to be now it's all about a catchy beat or phrase and that's all. John Mayer does not only that but puts meaning into his lyrics and the instrumentals he puts behind it is very empowering and emotional. I listen to him everyday at least 30 min. a day. It just tops off my day and calms me to listen to him .

birdygirl | Reviewer: Carol Pearson | 6/4/07

John Mayer, simply put, is the best.
I was lucky enough to attend the opening concert of his summer tour and I don't think I'll ever be the same. My summer is complete! His concert was an experience - not an event. I'm still reeling from it all and am feeling thankful for my gift of hearing - and his heavenly gift of making music.
WOW plus WOW.

Pure Genius | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/25/07

John Mayer is a force we have yet to experience at its true magnitude of power. His music goes beyond speaking to you. The melody pulls you in and the lyrics wrap you up in a vivid world almost as comfortable and familiar as a mother’s arms. This story teller can take an everyday occurrence and spin it into pure poetry, a skill I find to be pure genius! His music never grows tired and is increasingly evolving. He has the ability to reach music legendary status.

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