PURE GENIUS | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/25/07

John Mayer is a force we have yet to experience at its true magnitude of power. His music goes beyond speaking to you. The melody pulls you in and the lyrics wrap you up in a vivid world almost as comfortable and familiar as a mother’s arms. This story teller can take an everyday occurrence and spin it into pure poetry, a skill I find to be pure genius! His music never grows tired and is increasingly evolving. He has the ability to reach music legendary status.

awesome | Reviewer: Vimbai | 5/24/07

I absolutely love John Mayer, he's extremely talented both in guitar-playing, singing and of course songwriting. His lyrics are magical... Saw him live in Adelaide April this year and it was an unforgettable experience. Also, his music really inspires me in my own singing and songwriting. Thanks for all you do, man!!

Mayer sings and plays with SOUL... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/15/07

...and that's a rapidly diminishing commodity in today's industry...

keep it real John...

bill mallonee

John Mayer is awesome!! | Reviewer: Jeremy Clay | 5/9/07

John Mayer is awesome!! Whatever ur goin through I bet he has a song that talks about it, I listen to everything but when I'm in 1 of those moods its always john mayer 1st before any1.

very imperfect.... | Reviewer: john gatmaitan | 5/7/07

John Mayer the very imperfect. Yes in my opinion. Because THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS PERFECT. But the thing that i like in him was that he become a better person more than his former self.

Our first encounter. We had met when his song was aired in my country when I was 1st yr H.S. At first meeting i had liked his song particularly "no such thing". And that song helped me alot on my struggles as a highschool student.

I hope to see him(you) when I go to the states. More power. You had made good songs.

Your Music listener,
John Gatamaitan

I Love John Mayer! | Reviewer: Miranda | 5/7/07

He his so talented. His voice is amazing and so are his guitar skills.!

John and Jessica | Reviewer: the Raine | 4/26/07

I fell in love with John Mayer's music, when his song "Clarity" was released. I knew this man would become a Star!!!! He is a blessed and talented musician. I can hardly wait until his next work is released.
Peace. Love and Light~~~To All.
the Raine

THE ARTIST | Reviewer: Rebecca | 3/9/07

John Mayer is the guy who put music back into the music industry. To me, he is not a singer or songwriter. He's not a guitarist or front man. He is a F**KING ARTIST!!! He's is one of the few that I could watch on TV if the TV were on mute, and yet I could listen to his voice all day if i couldn't look at him. Most of these so called singers have some kind of marketed image that they must live up to in order to maintain their fanbase. John just has to do what he does.

great singer this guy | Reviewer: Riyadh | 2/20/07

i have to say...he is one of my favourite singers out there. your body is a wonderland is a mind blowing song and it is especially useful when u r going through a rough time with ur girlfriend or just saying to tht special someone how much she means to u. and waiting on the world to change...nice song!!!

Amazing... | Reviewer: Thief | 3/3/06

There are no other words to describe an artist that captures your imagination and gets your feet tapping and head nodding from the very off, long may John Mayer and his trio reign :D