loving | Reviewer: Michaela | 10/16/11

I love john mayers music i was never that hooked with music until i heard john mayers.He makes me feel sad,happy, and good to be alive when i hear his different types of music he sings. I love how he isn't afraid to say whats on his mind,I <3 john mayer and the writers who write some of his music.<3

Life | Reviewer: Michaela | 10/15/11

I love my life but sometime i feel like i just want to get my life over with.When you are just going in Junior high like i am you will get this.You feel like no one cares, older kid bring you down, other people just walk all over you, all you want to do is go home and sleep or lock your self in your room, The person you like doesn't even know you exist or knows you but doesn't like you, or the person is a player, and you feel out of place.Welcome to reality some people say.Makes you want to dropout of school.well now you know how i feel.But just cause i want to dropout doesn't mean you have too.Maybe you have it completely different that's your opinion.I real just want the person i like to notice me but we are still good friends.John Mayer you are the person i idolize because i feel your song 83 is just like my life.Me and my sister are 18 months apart, she looks just like me, i miss her everyday, and i am the second child of three.I want to know how to play the guitar but i want to learn from the best, John Mayer.thanks for giving you a little bit of how i feel it means a lot.<3

understanding music | Reviewer: Nathaniel | 10/11/11

The reason that I love John Mayer is that like it says in the biography, that after a couple of months at Burklee he relized that he enjoyed playing music more than studing it. I love that he says this because people can spend their whole lives studing music but never truely get it. John's musical style isn't something a person could study but when you hear him you just get it.

believer | Reviewer: Michaela | 8/28/11

when i listen to john mayer it makes me want to grow up like a good person.Not some loser people think i am.I wish people would be able to understand with what i do but no i just get treated like dirt but i don't want to let that continue.But if i try to stick up for my self its my fault i even touch them all i say is.I love doing what i do but its just so hard john mayer talk to me.

tmz how it can ruin peoples lives | Reviewer: Michaela | 8/19/11

I am 13 and i play guitar people think i am great but some people think other wise.They will pick on me and tease me about what i do.But at least i am not on TMZ cause peoples lives get ruined on TMZ. Yeah i realize people are trying to make a living but is it really worth it.Those famous people out there are trying to live there lives and TMZ is taking that away from them.how would they like it if i posted horrible pictures of them not looking there best or made up a lie about them.Wouldn't feel so good would it.So leave people like john mayer rob derdek or even katy perry alone and more.Let them live there lives.You only get on so let them enjoy there only life the have.Thank you.
Post coments!!!

hear my message | Reviewer: micheala | 8/16/11

i am 13 and playing the guitar and people know that i can play. then a friend told me about john mayer and i listened to him and i under stand the massage he sending to us.He saying,"sure life isn't but doesn't me we should waste on bit of it".People pick on me of what i do (play the guitar) but that doesn't stop me and my dreams.TMZ is the worst tv show ever all it does is brings sings dance and models down.It ruins there life would if that was you being plastered all over TMZ and publishing lies about you,think.So,those famous people are regular people too.I know that i am only 13 but i realize that those people wish that they could live a everyday life they try and try but its hard sometimes to live.So leave comments.I am only speaking the truth and life isn't fare but always keep this in mind.Live life to the fullest and who cares what reporters and TMZ says about the famous star. just enjoys you life.
You only get one. famous people please read this and under stand were i am coming from.Post comments on this.Thanks for a little time of your life.You made me happy to know that there is someone out there who will listen to what i have to say.I know i am a kid but i understand
thanks for listening i hope your dreams come true one day. thank you

Jm is gud. | Reviewer: Bishal thapa | 1/12/11

I love listenin' blues rock and i have got his concert c.d from my fren. I was speechless becoz of his playin style.. Playin with a great feelings.. Since then i love john mayer and no doubt' i'm his fan.

Started liking the songs | Reviewer: sonam phuntsho | 11/13/10

I have recently listened to the songs that you have written and sang. I just want to tell that the songs are really great and now i have began to collect your songs. From all the songs i feel that "half of my heart" is damn good....will collect and listen more songs that you have written and sang...Keep it up....!

Our personalities are so alike and diffent as well | Reviewer: Marlon Smith | 11/9/10

I love John Mayer as a person, song writer, and musicical ingenious abilities. I see a mirror image of myself in his music and appreciate him more than the average friend. If he was'nt so famous and busy with paparazi always trying to post a title of him on a magazine, then I feel like we would be great friends even best friends. Each album and each song is diffrent. He's not caught up in the materialistic lifestyle. He's misunderstood but most complex and intellectual people are. It takes a special kind of person with an open mind to understand John Mayer. I look up to him a lot as a person and often as a reference to my life and life learned lessons. Although people view him as a womanizer or a somewhat cocky guy, i feel that he has a positive outlook on relationships with a girl. "Daughters", "im in repair", and split screen sadness are all wonderful songs refering to love and life. please respond back to my blog if your as pasionate and love john mayer the way i do. thanks

<3 | Reviewer: Hannah | 8/8/10

I've never really had an obsession until I came across John Mayer. I love everything he does, especially his flaws! It shows me he's just like the rest of us. I feel like I personally know him after listening to his music, he's just so deep. And not to mention his amazing guitar playing! Could he get any better?
I'm truly his BIGGEST fan!