no such thing | Reviewer: danielle c | 4/30/10

John Mayer truly means everything to me. His music touches me every time I listen to it, which is every second of every day. I've grown to love him for everything he is, even his flaws. So far I've been to two of his concerts, but by the end of this summer it will have been five. I can't even begin to describe in words how I feel about him. He is the most talented artist out there and I would do anything to meet him. People think I'm insane for acting this way,but I don't care. I'm his biggest fan. ♥. John, I love you. See you in a few months!

Feels like a Classic | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/19/10

I've been listening to John Mayer since Continuum came out. He is truly a gifted musician. His music moves me the way that Jimi Hendrix, the Rolling Stones, Zeppelin, & SRV move me. He has the feel of a GREAT CLASSIC to me. People can say what they want about regretful comments he has made in interviews. Face it people, we all say & do things we wish we hadn't or that didn't mean. He's not the 1st to be publicly slammed for comments he's made & he won't be the last. Small minded people will hold it against him, open minded people will accept the plain fact that he is a brilliant musician...


John Mayer | Reviewer: sarah | 3/22/10

I went to john mayers concert in austin texas in 2010 it was a good concert his lyrics brings so much power in to the words i cant even describe them just like waiting on the world to change i think this world needs and is waiting on it to change.... he is such a good gutarist.. and he brings the words alive if you know what i meann..

teacher, role model, idol | Reviewer: Chris F. | 3/11/10

John Mayer, in many words he has touched hearts and moved people with his music to others he sets a prime perfect and inspiring example for others to look up to. I am a new musician. I teach myself just about everything I can. Listening to John gives me hope that I can one day be as great as him or anywhere close as good as him. He is my motivation that new artists can make it and that you just have to put alot of work into it. So Id like to say thank you John and keep it going play till you cant play no more and then some. One of your biggest fans.
-Chris F.

john Mayer The Racist | Reviewer: Reggie | 2/22/10

John, is like many racist, only difference he said it openly and many of the people who call themselves fans of his, talk the same way only in private or some anonymous, cowardly blog using buzz words, they blacks and other minorities are too stoopid to know what they're talking about! John Mayer's ignorance comes as no surprise! Talent and racially bias, a person can be both.

comentario acerca de jonh | Reviewer: frank moises ch | 12/23/09

Mayer is an amazing guitarist with the quality of singing. and be a star but I admire the technique and that feeling that makes every note he plays is amazing to know that there is even a genius like Clapton but Mayer is younger ... this guitarist and singer has developed a new style of guitar playing on the guitar, like hendrix clapton bbking as touch and admire their music the truth is what is born of the soul and the true meaning of music and composition enserio me it amazing how you can lead to side with only 4 shouts place I consider him a legendary guitarist though very young

JM rocks! | Reviewer: Viv in NZ | 11/28/09

What can we say more about this amazingly gifted musician. I`m 42 and I`m listening to JM till I can`t hear no more! His "Daughters" means the most to me ever since my beloved Dad passed away 4 years ago and that one chorus line
"Fathers, be good to your daughters
Daughters will love like you do..",
hits home very time.

Thank you John Mayer for gifting us with your soul.
God bless!

A waste of money!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/25/09

I have been to hundreds of concerts, including mayer last visit, but last night was the was concert I've ever been to. We waited longer than he played. That wait time only includes the official start time not the outdoor line! The hall really was for shooting a video and nothing for the fans. The stand up wait inside was the worst, the time it took and the fact the longer it was the more pushing from the back.

john is such a brilliant musician | Reviewer: natzprimavera | 9/16/09

really in love with john mayer's music...
he's definitely genius in writing the song, love his voice a lot.... and the way he plays the guitar is just so awesome... :)
i'm a huge fan of john mayer...
Why Georgia, Clarity and Belief are my favorite songs...
keep it up, John...
Love you <3

John Mayer = Prodigy. | Reviewer: Claire | 8/26/09

John Mayer is possibly is possibly a musical genius.
Honestly, his music is one of a kind, his cover songs have a definite 'john mayer' feel to them. He is a sensational guitarist, and the guitar solo's in his songs just completely enthrall me. I correct myself, every bar of every song captivates me.
I hope he doesn't stop writing and singing music, as he is truly amazing.

John Mayer, I am a big fan.