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Performed by John Mayer

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Great song :) | Reviewer: Krystyna | 2/17/11

He's not talking about his hand positions on the steering wheel you jackass, the ten and the two are highways in California. Hence the lyrics " without your voice to tell me I love you take a right, the ten and the two is a lonely sight..." He's lonely in LA without her and that's all he can think about so he'd rather not go anymore. Way to over think that one.

Maybe... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/26/11

What if this song isn't about long distance love? To me this song seems like its about a break up. About not wanting to go to LA anymore because he still has feelings for her and he would "die if he saw her" but he misses her so he feels like he would "die if he didn't see her there"? To me this song says that going to LA would remind him so much of her he is just going to "steer clear" because he wouldn't know "how to land and not race to her door". It's just my opinion...

hi!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/3/10

hi! last night a "friend" dedicate this song to me, he told me to pay attention to the lyric. i live i spain and he lives in argentina. i understand that is a love song, and they live in different countries. but i need to understand more the true meaning, does he really in love with her? does he think that it can work?? this is such a mess, it´s so difficultto talk about feeling. someone can help me please!!! :D thanks!!!!

amazing!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/9/10

I really love this song. the lyrics have such a good meaning and can easily relate to many relationships. if you don't see the other person you think you are going to die, but when youre around them all you want to do is die. the acustic version is on a cd in my stereo and I put it on repeat every night before I go to bed. such an excellent calm but vibrant song:) a billion thumbs up John!!!

breath taking | Reviewer: Lost | 10/12/09

Soo what can i really say...
I was dating this guy and i love him so much but right now is not the time for us to be together because our lives are going in different paths. i see him everywhere though and i think of this song...because when i see him it kills me and when i dont see him i go crazy because i wonder who he's with, if ive been replaced.. and if she's anything like me. love really hurts sometimes..and john mayer just really tells an awesomely realistic story with this beautiful song.

amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/22/09

My favorite line is where he sings "the ten and two are the loneliest sight" Driving with two hands in the ten and two positions on the wheel as opposed to driving with one hand and holding a girls hand in the other... something very small but John Mayer is a master at taking little things and making them so significant. Great song.

Why such is such a simple song so perfect | Reviewer: Mike | 2/17/09

I found this song having procured his latest DVD. It eats you up, the lyrics hit the core, having had a long distance relationship, can relate to song and have it on ipod fave list. Question the post bridge part on the song, would prefer if he extended the lyrics into a song on it's own. Cheers Mr Mayer!!

lovely | Reviewer: julie | 2/15/09

I was in a car ride for 12 hours and I listened to this song probabably 15 times over and over again. this song is amazing. I have memorized all the lyrics, now I only have to learn how to play it on the guitar. this is a song to keep for life!! i loooove u john mayer

Amazing | Reviewer: Liz | 2/13/09

After all the drama, all of the magazine clippings and photos and gossip, John Mayer remains the same down to earth singer that captures the hearts of millions of people. This acoustic version is sung to perfection, atleast to me anyway, and its hard to believe that Mayer could ever sing a bad song with raunchy lyrics after hearing something like this. He reaches so many people through his words, and this song is extremely appealing to all. I can't get enough, I could listen over and over and over... and well, you get the idea.

we don't see this all the time | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/16/08

I just can't believe that a hundred songs later, John Mayer's still got it.
He's amazing. I mean, one day one of his songs can bring you to tears and then the next put a smile on your face, and he also makes it look so easy!
This song, for instance, I didn't like at first, it seemed to repetitive. Then I got the Where the light is DVD (I highly recommend it)and this song made me cry my eyes out. Even though I've never been in a long distance relationship, I can still relate to it. Living in the MySpace/Facebook era, I think we all can. We all know what it's like to watch somebody else's life in pictures from afar and wishing you were a part of it, and dying to see him/her, but then again, you wouldn't know what to do if you actually did.
This song's got really powerful lines. The parts that make me cry everytime are 'without your voice to tell me I love you, take a right'/'sunset says we see this all the time, nevermind'/'i watch your life playout in pictures from afar'.
I just love him. Damn you John, how do you do it.

By the way John, Happy Birthday!

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