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Performed by John Mayer

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Love | Reviewer: Cari | 11/8/11

I stumbled across this song today. For the past couple of years, I've had this on-off thing with the love of my life. He introduced me to John Mayer, whom I fell in love with. Last night, things finally ended for good. I was completely crushed and I still don't think I'm gonna be okay. This song gives me hope, though. This part especially speaks to me:
Maybe when things turn green again
It will be good to say you know me
I hope he still remembers me forever, in a happy way. I know I always will remember him. I'm just in repair.

I'm there | Reviewer: Lou | 3/22/11

I'm sure a lot of people can relate to what this song means. For me, I had a very tough 2010. On Christmas day, 2009, I found out my wife of 19 years was having a 2year affair with her high school sweetheart. Tough to deal with by itself, but I actually met someone shortly after who was also going through a rough patch in her marriage. She left and we started a very serious relationship. I basically gave my heart to her. Ended up she went back to her husband to try to work things out. I was crushed. Then my dad passed away in the midst of all that. It was a tough year emotionally. I had never been through so much in such a short span of time. Now, looking back, I'm in a much better place but I'm not sure that I'm fully there yet. I'm in repair. Like the song says:

"Stood on the corner for a while
To wait for the wind to blow down on me
Hoping it takes with it my old ways
And brings some brand new luck upon me
Oh it's taking so long i could be wrong, i could be ready
Oh but if i take my heart's advice
I should assume it's still unsteady"

I don't really know that I'm back. I think there's confusion still. Not sure. Hoping for the best. Wanting something good to come in but if it did, would I be ready for it?

To me | Reviewer: Heather | 1/9/10

This song, to me, is like, when life has been really hard and your trying to fix yourself. realizing you cant really change everything in life, so you need to learn how to accept situations for what they are. My mom died 4 years ago and i was a wreck. i was 12. and ive been "in repair" for 4 years. just trying to be happy and accept things as they are.

My Opinion | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/22/09

Well, after watching his special on the song "In Repair: One Song, One Day" I know John is trying to talk about the idea of that moment when you are put down in order to be built back up.
He says we never appreciate that moment where we're on top because it's never really there. We go down and are "In Repair" and go back up again.

ready | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/17/09

to me, this song is just about being overwhelmed by the self and relationships with other people... when people get scared or when they feel vulnerable, different parts of who they are emerge- i think he's starting to realize that he can be more open to his heart again, to let go of bitterness or resentment and give himself over to life- embracing the pain of the past in order to be, love and live as the kind of person he wants to be.

the true song meaning | Reviewer: mayerfan | 2/26/09

ok this is the true meaning of this song: people are always in two positions. they are either going up in life or their life is going down. they never just enjoy the perfectness of the moment because maybe it is never perfect. thus in repair talks about when you feel like your life is going down, it's only setting up for the time when it will improve. and the song is about the beauty of that "in repair"

I get it.. still overly cautious | Reviewer: Me | 9/26/08

This song, as most of the reviews I read go, many can relate 5 yrs from the big "d" I did not walk out with a big red D tattoo on my forehead but my heart did change (for the better I hope). The way I look at relationships changed, and I learned where to make improvements..This song does put it in perspective..I still consider myself in repair, not together, but getting there..I should assume my heart is still unsteady, but the lessons learned will lead me to things turning green again, and it will be good to say you know are we ever really ready? I think is a great adventure..This album is great, and I can listen to it over and faith is not broken, but my hands are shaking..the next step maybe to say what I need to say..also a good one..Thanks John for music that moves the soul and makes me smile!

No Maaa... | Reviewer: The Real | 8/25/08

I think you're so far off the mark, Maa, it's untrue! I think the song is more a reflection of Mayer putting his heart into relationships and being self destructive. The 'walk in the park' line is just simply that. He may've been thinking about this girl on a walk thru Central Park, for all we know, but maybe that's where he had his realization about the cycle he's going thru.

'Maybe when things turn green again
It will be good to say you know me' hints that this clarity came in the Fall, as the birds are still around. He's giving himself some breathing to get his act together.

From the little I know of Mayer, I believe he just writes of the thoughts and emotions that affect him. No cryptic stuff.

In Repair | Reviewer: Kate | 7/27/08

John makes being broken sound beautiful. Everyone can identify with the idea that there is a better you out there waiting to be grasped. Regardless of breakups, uh oh's, or heartache; everyone can sing 'I'm in repair, I'm not together, but I'm getting there and feel as if a good change is in the next breeze.

Birds | Reviewer: maaa | 3/15/08

You notice how he says hes walking in the park and all the birds dance below him, meaning he feels like hes floating, hes that high up. he also says that when things turn green, you'll want to know me. meaning he will come out of "it." It's not about relationships AT ALL. The "when things turn green again, it will be good to say you know me" infers hes in a slump; but how does that relate to relationships. I thinhk he feels like hes in a slump in life; it ties right in with vultures.

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