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Performed by John Mayer

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maybe these two songs go hand in hand. | Reviewer: k.c. | 2/25/08

I feel like this song is the almost like the aftermath of dreaming with a broken this is what happens after you can "wake up and breathe again". Pretty much you have have accepted and mourned the end of a broken relationship and then finally you are able to focus on making sure the byproducts of that hurt are not going to seep into new relationships ect. there is much to be said about this song. I love it.

Amazing.. | Reviewer: Jessica | 2/4/08

that's what this song is, amazing. It's obvious that it's about hurting and trying to get over the hurt. You're pulling yourself back together, picking up the pieces of your life, repairing your heart. You know it'll never quite be the same, but you're trying anyways.

One of my favorites.
I love the last line. "I'm in repair, I'm not together, but I'm getting there."
I can relate, and I know a lot of other people can too. On so many levels, and so many different situation.

John Mayer is just wonderful.

For What It's Worth Again... | Reviewer: The Real | 1/10/08

I like this more than 'Dreaming With a Broken Heart'. It feels like he's dwelt on the feelings more. Given his feelings more thought than the very raw 'Dreaming...'. It feels more complete.

Kudos, sir. Bravo.

Perfect for a broken heart | Reviewer: arho | 11/12/07

It sucks when things end, and i'm feelin it right now, and the second half of continuum is perfect for me. heart of life, slow dancing in a burning room, dreaming with a broken heart, in repair, find another you...they work great.

in repair is a testament to what you miss and what you want to find, but you know things will never be the same as they were with that person

good when you're down | Reviewer: tedi | 8/30/07

this song is good for me, because I have screwed some things up in my life, and some people have done me wrong. and this song defines a lot. i love it.

yeahh. | Reviewer: kelly | 7/3/07

"heres a song about being fucked up and comming out of it." "when your a kid and you get a tennis ball to the nuts, its one of the worst feeling in the world. but all men will tell you theres no better feeling than when it stops hurting" quote from john him self about this song. so this song is about getting over something.

Been three years... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/3/07

... since my wife left me. Song sounds like it was written about my life now. John Lennon had nothing on JM.

In repair | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/31/07

this song is beautiful i think like this wen i am in this exact situation bcause i know it sux wen u cant get over like this song portrays. ithink John Mayer has captured that reality in this song like many others that r jus masterpieces

he knows me | Reviewer: william ulrich | 2/9/07

this song captures the exact way i feel about myself at this time in my life

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