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Performed by John Mayer

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Still Shedding Tears For Her . . . | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/7/11

This song reminds most people of lost loves, but it reminds me of my mom. I lost my mom when I was 8 years old to a fire. There isn't a day that I'm not haunted by the memory of that night. The firemen rushing in the house . . . knowing that my mom was trapped by falling debris and couldn't get out . . . the paramedics placing her on a stretcher . . . putting her in the ambulance . . . driving to the hospital . . . the doctors rushing us into the waiting room . . . Then the news came. She had died. Every day since then, there has not been a moment that I didn't think of her. Every night since then all of these memories haunt my dreams, along with the funeral that shouldn't have happened. Every time something good happens to me, the first thing I think is "I wish Mom could have seen this." It breaks my heart to really think that she's gone. Some of my hardest moments were after the fire. I would get up in the morning expecting to be back in my old bed, the smell of pancakes in the air, my mom calling me down for breakfast. Every time I wake up from my nightmares, I call out for my mom, wishing that she could be there to hold me and tell me it's okay, and that it was all just one big nightmare. I'm at home. I'm safe. She's not dead. When I heard this song, I really felt as though it were meant for me. I know it sounds stupid and cheesy, but that's what it felt like. As though my mom were sitting next to me in the dark, holding me close, an singing to me again. I want to let go and keep living, but I don't know if I can. All I can really do is pray and keep going over the good memories. This song has always helped me try and get on with it, and the line saying "She's gone, gone, gone, gone, gone" was always what jarred me into reality. The truth is that life is a dream. Eventually, pain will jar you awake. Everyone has their scars, physically and emotionally. But that doesn't mean that they always hurt. They're always there, but they eventually stop hurting. I miss you Mom. I love you so much. RIP. :-'(

It was a lie | Reviewer: KS | 3/28/11

We were engaged to be married, he lied about everything and he was not faithful. The hardest thing I had to do was walk away because I know I deserve better then that...never settle for anything less then what you deserve!

I love you forever. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/21/11

I loved you with all my heart. you were the best thing that happened to me. you made me feel human. you made me feel important and loved for once. you taught me so many things. we were together for 2 years. its been almost 10 months since you left me now and theres not a minute you dont cross my mind. you broke my heart and i never thought twice about leaving you...but you ended up leaving me in the end. with nothing. im not sure if I can take the pain anymore. death crosses my mind everyday but i dont wanna give in. these scars on my arm are the only things keeping me alive. i love you so much. now that youre gone i have no one ):

Amazing ! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/13/11

Well my story is hard to tell ... Im 18, i had my first girlfriend i love her ! Like i had never loved ! .... I was in a relationship with her like 5 months ... She just leave me she broke my heart ! ... Since that day every day every night I think in her ... These song describes exactly how I'm feeling about these total thing ... I just tell me every day what I could posibly do to she cutting me of .... These song just is the best song ever love it ! ... Hey guys ! We can get over these ! Good luck !

RE: 2/12 Post | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/12/11

My fiance passed away almost a year ago now. When I first heard this song, I felt the exact same way! I know your pain. I hated waking up. For the longest time I tried to stay asleep in hopes I would dream of him, of us. I lost myself when he left too. It's hard when you plan your whole life with someone and then all those hopes and dreams are taken away without either of your consent or will. I know only time can heal the pain, but time goes so slow now that he's gone. It's unfortunate, but good, to know that I'm not alone. Take care. You are in my thoughts and prayers as well.

dreaming with a broken heart | Reviewer: jhayyi | 3/10/11

man i love this song. the first time i heard it was on the game and from know on i just listen to it and cry becouse i had this girlfriend and she left me for my cuzen. and know i sleep with a broken heart.

Dreaming is my escape. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/9/11

My boyfriend just recently broke up with me. We got into a huge fight that had turned physical and ever since we haven't spoken. I moved out all my things. I met him back in 2008 and we got together in 2010. Every night I think about him more and more. We grew so strong together and we became the best of freinds I just dont understand how could a best friend physically hurt you? Although we had that huge fight I want to forgive him but something keeps me from doing it. I love him and he was the sweetest guy in the beginning. Now at night it begins to get harder for me, I guess im so use to sleeping with him every night and waking up and seeing his face. And when I dream I feel like its my only escape from reality. But waking up is the hardest part cuz i know that my best friend isn't there anymore to make me smile. I wish everything could go back to normal but I don't think he feels the same way... :(

Love..... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/2/11

It really does suck. I dated this girl for a long long time; she was my best friend, who knew me better than anyone else in the world. She always saw straight through me. But she broke up with me for my best guy friend. Now I dream of her nearly ever night.....and wake up knowing she won't be there, but still hoping she will....

:( | Reviewer: paige | 2/23/11

I was with my boyfriend, well ex for 3 years. We were the best of friends and boyfriend & girlfriend. He put me through a lot of crap through our 3 years but I never gave up because I loved him so much. He was my first love & I still love him to this day. He has a lot of problems within himself that I cant deal with. He lives in the past & expects his future to end up like his past. He was the type of person that would hurt you before you could hurt him:/ it sucks because I know that I don't except who he is & what he does to people in his life but I can't seem to get over him. I'm so madly in love with him it sucks. He's doing alright and I'm miserable inside. When I'm with him I'm happy but I'm so stressed out but when I'm not with him I'm miserable but not stressed at all. I'm confused & hurt. When I hear this song I just cry and feel like giving up on life:/ I don't know what to do

To Anonymous who posted on 2/12/11 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/14/11

I'm so sorry for your loss and although I don't know you and I can't see the pain you're in know that I'm praying for you. I know that the trials of life can be so overwhelming but if you just have trust and faith, you can realize it can only get better. It hurts so much to lose a loved one but truly I promise you that time heals all wounds. I lost my mother three years ago on the sixteenth and an ex-boyfriend three years ago on April the nineteenth. I promise if you just hold on it will get better, you'll meet people that will support you and be there for you and that will help the most. God bless.

dreaming or daydreaming with a broken heart. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/12/11

my connection to this song is a little different, I don't connect to it cause my boyfriend broke up with me. My love story,i believe is a very unique & beautiful story but yet not with a happy ending & least not yet. I met my boyfriend 2yrs ago it was just meant to be. Since the first day he talked to me, there has not been a day that goes by that I don't think of him. He was just amazing like no other. He treated me like no one had ever. When he said I will never hurt you I truly believed him 100% coming from me that was rare. He was the one that got me over my ex. It was surprising to me that I had fallen for him so quickly I did not expect to get into another relationship, iwas just not looking,but he came & I could not reject him <3. We grew stronger & stronger even with the negative energy around us. During this summer he was in WA state alot of things happened that weren't suppose to happen. He passed away in Aug & I was I don't even know there are no words to describe how I feel, I'm just not me without him I'm a mess. I've lost my motivation in everything school at home I even quit my job just everything is a mess. I miss him so much!! We had plans to getting married having kids & now I don't know what to do with my life because he is my life & now he's gone, everyday I just wish that he could come back! Since he's passed I've dreamt like four times & it breaks me because every night I go to sleep crying hoping I dream with him just so I can see his face. I daydream about him 24/7 though. This song just got me even more thinking today wishing he was here. When I snap outta of it it sucks my whole world just feels like it's falling a part. I just can let him go I love him very much & miss him. I know he is looking over me & that he loves me, I won't ever forget him forever & always in my heart & soul baby. There is no one I can see myself with unless it's you. We are meant to be babee & we will be together when it's time for me to go & we will be living something beyond fantasy.

Still dreaming with a broken heart | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/9/11

I was with a guy for 6 1/2 years and he was my first love. We had broken up 3 yrs ago and it has been very hard till now.
I have experienced the feeling of being heart broken. It felt like you were having a heart attack. Not a day go by that I don't think about him. I guess we are just not meant to be!

shattered | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/22/11

This song has been playing on repeat for me for the past 36 hrs, havent sleept..All i can do it stare and wonder wat went wrong...Id rather never have loved before then to know what real love is and lose it...:-( </3

you roll out of bed and onto your knees | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/20/11

man when i was 17 i had my heart SHATTERD! we dated for a year and a half and she left me for soneone else :( i couldnt eat i couldnt sleep and it not because she was with someone else it was cause she wasnt with me i just wanted to see her happy and if it was with someone else so be it but it took me 4months to finally get over it but everyday i would wake up my heart in my stomach and hear this song tears dropped so heavy onto the floor as i rolled outta bed i felt so weak and so dark inside i felt soooo poisened so....alone :/ but everyday it got worse and worse then finally it got better and better and it made me grow up and learn to love myself and that i dont NEED someone to love me

broken inside | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/13/11

My heart hurts.Everything i see reminds me of him. Every song on the radio sings of love and i cry inside. I dont want to think about him with another girl. Hes my treasure that i never wanted to loose but i did. Food has lost its taste. The world seems empty. Everything feels alone. The love we had was everything to me. And now its gone. the only time i see him is when i sleep and he reaches out for me and i take him in my arms and hold him till i wake up and cry on my pillow because it was just a dream. this song really describes my feelings truely.. :(

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