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Performed by John Mayer

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If only | Reviewer: Elle | 5/25/10

My mom threw my dad out of the house 6 years ago. He drifted away and never looked back ever since.
It didn't affect me much and i wasn't surprise. I guess he never really was a father to me. He never tried to be one. He thought just by feeding us, put a roof above our head and fulfilling our other needs are enough to make him feel like a father. He was responsible and i gave him that. But he wasn't the loving and caring type of dad. I don't know if he did love us but i sure know he never showed us that he did. I can count how many words that i actually ever spoke to him. He wasn't the kind of father who came back from the work, lift up his children and give them a kiss or two and ask about their day. No, he never did that. He never care about us. I thanked god every single day that at least i have my mother to hold on to. She devoted herself solely for us and always made us feel like we had lost nothing since he'd walked out of our lives years ago. Mom...i love you...

loving daughters | Reviewer: hilda | 5/22/10

my daughthers father walked out of her life 7 years ago, however i have been blessed with a new man who has stepped up to the plate to be a father. He is the very meaning of this song. you cant tell him hes not her father and you cant tell her hes not her daddy. he understands the importance of being a strong, constant, loving father. The first time she called him dad he said he would never turn back and he's been there every since. This is their song. In my eyes he is her superman and my hero.

<3 | Reviewer: T | 5/10/10

This song gives me goosbumps.

'oh, you see that skin?
its the same shes been standing in,
since the day she watched him walking away
now shes left, cleaning up the mess he made'

My dad left five years ago and i havent spoken to him in three. I miss him everyday and i hope he thinks about me. But back to the song, its true, any girl that has had her dad hurt her is broken. He was the only man she could ever rely on and he let her down and he can never take that back and they dont realise that at all.

hmm | Reviewer: andi | 4/26/10

My dad really needs to hear this. I could never trust a guy because he cheats on my mom all these years, shacking up with his other woman and he only visit us around once a month. I always find a way to screw things up with my boyfriends because I freak out about the future ahead, thinking there's nothing but disappointment in relationships. Thanks Dad.

To the first girl who wrote: Anonymous | 3/1/10 | Reviewer: Anonymous boy 16 | 3/23/10

You reminds me very much about a girl i know, she is just in the same situasion as you. She has broken my heart many times the last coulpe of years,giving me false hopes many times. She has been very up and down about her feelings for me if you understand what i mean, but I dont have any hard feelings about her. Becouse I know how she has it at home, it must me realy difficult to dont have a real fatherfigure. I just wanted to say this becouse you reminded me so much about her...

any guy who trys to understand this is amazing. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/1/10

this is so true, im 15 and my father lied to our family and walked out.. he has diffidently affected me and the way i am towards guys. when i try and explain it to them, they dont understand. iv broken hearts and become distant everytime i try to have a relationship. my father has even made it very, very, very difficult to come close with my stepdad.

now shes left cleaning up the mess he made | Reviewer: jay | 2/22/10

my dad left me and my sister when i was 14. i still see him and talk. but the hate i have for him is still there. now 5 years later, i cant have a functional relationship cause i always have that fear that he will leave. i also realized that any relationship with a man is affected by me and my fathers relationship. i became very good friends with a boy who i have told everything to and have trusted. and now im afraid he'll leave and i try to keep him as close to me as possible. parents can seriously affect your love life

Experience | Reviewer: Jae | 1/22/10

As a child I experienced the pain of both my mother and father walking out on me. My mother at the age of 11 months and my father left at the age of 5. I growing up I realized how much not having parents to love me affected my ability to show love to others. I was angry, constantly isolated myself, and was not good with rejection. For a long time, I wasn't sure how to love. I didn't want to put myself in a situation where there was a possibilty of getting hurt again. Instead of recognizing the love of good man, I held on to those emotional krutches and I treated him like I was treated in the past. I didn't know how to be a good wife to him and I didn't know how a good husband should act because I never had a positive female nor male role model. Because of that I almost lost him. I'm still not that sure how to love but with the help and patience of my husband, I'm learning. Parents please listen to the words of this song and be there for them. Even if you aren't sure how to be a parent, it's better to be there and learn from your mistakes now then to make them pay for your mistakes later.

Love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/20/10

I've recently been in a "relationship" that showed me how much a father can influence a woman's ability to reciprocate the genuine love of a good man.

"And I've done all I can
To stand on her steps with my heart in my hands
Now I'm starting to see
Maybe it's got nothing to do with me"

Those lines have helped me cope with the way this girl confused me and even hurt me. But this song has helped me to not feel any bitterness towards her because I can see how her father has affected and broken her. I also know it's not me because in her past relationships she has done the same things to other good guys.

It's not fair that we, real man, who know how to sincerely love, appreciate and treat a woman right, have to get hurt and have our efforts and honesty ignored just because a sorry excuse for a "father" didn't at least try to be the better man and give HIS best to HIS daughter.

I pray that I can be a good father to my daughter(s), because I know I will teach them how to appreciate a good man and most importantly identify what makes a man good.

I guess, as well, it's no coincidence that this is her favourite song by John Mayer.

"Love is a risk with great disappointments, but even greater rewards."

Father's. | Reviewer: Ruby. | 1/7/10

I don't think my dad really appreciates me as much as he used to, he never looks at me in the eye. It's like he feels obligated to congratulate me on my achievments in life. The only time I really have a decent conversation with him these days with him is when he's half drunk, surprisingly. I guess I compare this with the relationships I have with my boyfriends, do they really give a monkeys arse, or do they feel seemingly obliged to? It's got me.

meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/5/10

I don't think this song is just about being a parent, but also about how women are taught to love, and how they deal when a man walks out because so many do love whole heartedly with thier "warm- good hear." And Men in general..boyfriends, husbands, grandfathers, and Dad are included in that second to last verse.

I understand now............ | Reviewer: Jerry Hawthorne | 12/22/09

My daughter arrived in 1982 and made me the happiest man alive. She was beautiful then and remains to be today. I stand on the horizon of becoming a grandfather to another beautiful young girl. I just pray my son-in-law knows how blessed he will be when she arrives. I want him to read the lyrics to this song and realize just how short his time with his new daughter will be and to embrace each moment. He needs to understand he will be his daughter's "Superman" and he can do no wrong in her eyes. I know he will treat her as a priceless jewel, just as I will. I know that I know the lyrics to this song has moved millions of people in millions of ways. John Mayer....thank you for writing this song for me and millions of other fathers.

It got me thinking | Reviewer: Mitchell | 12/12/09

you know this song got me thinking about my future as a parent, I know I'm nowhere near being a Father right now being 19 and all, but when I grow up I will try my best to pay more then enough attention to my daughter if I happen to have one. this song really touched me and got me wishing I was father if only for a moment

... | Reviewer: Ann | 11/28/09

Yeah, the part: "See that skin, it's the same she's been standing in since the day she saw him walking away" brings tears to my eyes. People need to listen to this song. My father once wanted a John Mayer cd and asked me to find a good one, so I made sure to find the one with Daughters on it, 'cause it means so much to me, and if anybody needs to listen to it, it's him! I played the cd for him, and told him Daughters was my favorite song. It took some balls for me to do that, even though it doesn't sound like something that would be difficult, but I felt like I was telling him something with this song, that I'd wanted to tell him my entire life. He didn't pay attention to the lyrics or even the song. His phone rang and he was on the phone the whole song through.. actually he's been on the fucking phone my entire life even though I only visit him like 5 times a year for a weekend and he never seems to call me. He lets me down everytime. I've never opened up to a boy at all. My guards are up every hour, every minute, every second. Thanks to my stupid father, I don't know what love is. But thanks to John Mayer and this song, I know that I'm not the only girl in the world who feels this way.

The greatest lesson you'll ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return ..

She's Like A Maze | Reviewer: Cezar | 11/22/09

I like that words... coz I thought it's simple word but have a great meanings... (Where all of the wall is continually change)..

just 4 thums up 4 John Mayer...

He's have a great guitar skills and great songs...


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