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Performed by John Mayer

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love this song | Reviewer: cara | 8/6/07

i love this song so much. its one of my favorite songs. n im having a sweet 16 soon n this is gona be the song me n my dad dance to. im really excited, and im so happy that i can have this song playing while me and my dad dance together. i love my dad, and i think this is an amazing song. I LOVE YOU JOHN MAYER! <3

Wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/19/07

I'd heard this song dozens of times before, but....after reading the lyrics during a particularly emotional

My wife has a father that didn't treat her well, and, heh, she's a maze and after 24 years it's coming apart and it's not about me at all. And we have a 15 year old daughter. I AM the God and weight of my daughter's world.

Wow. Thanks, John.

Simple Statement | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/15/07

I like this song, it touched me in many ways, and anyone that critizes it, well you don't have a family like mine! My mother left when i was 7 and my dad left when i was 9! I lived with my grandparent till the age of 13 when my father decided that he actually wanted to be a good dad and raise me, but when he came back in my life he was to involved with his "new" fiance, to even realize my brother and I were even there!

mmm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/11/07

i doubt any girl who has felt heartache, deperation or lonliness becuase of the actions of her father or male in her life would find this song sexist. my father has been an alcoholic for most of my life. the first time i heard this song i was in the car with him and i almost started to cry because it immediately touched me. this song is not demeaning to girls and in my opinion, its heroic of john mayer to make a statement like this song. i take this song as john trying to touch anyone's mind and heart that he can to try and make even a momentary impact on their view of children, especially girls and stress that humans are so easily changed and molded because of their surroundings. i admire john mayer for his insight and concern.

Definitely sexist | Reviewer: DMU | 6/22/07

"Boys, you can break
You find out how much they can take
Boys will be strong
And boys soldier on
But boys would be gone without warmth from
A woman's good, good heart"

I don't understand how you can seriously state this song is not sexist. I'm sure the intentions of the author are good, but in the above quoted lyrics he makes a couple of general statements that clearly define roles to certain sexes. Boys breaking things, probably girls, boys soldiering on; boy = aggressor and girl = victim. "But boys would be gone without warmth from a womans good, good heart" is either meant as that every woman has a good heart, or that there is something about a _womans_ good heart that a boy needs. In the latter case the author states that women are purer and love differently than men, which I think can not be qualified as anything less than sexist.

Had this song been about how he was loved purer and differently than how he had been loved before, I wouldn't have objected, even if he clearly stated it was by a girl. But why did he express himself in general statements? The only reason I can think of is to make it accessible to the majority of people; heterosexual (to-be-)parents.

The worst part is this:
"On behalf of every man
looking out for every girl
You are the god and the weight of her world"

I'm a man, but I'm not the "god and weight of her world", I'm gay. And I am not the god and weight of my boyfriends world either, nor is he of mine. We have the kind of relationship that John Mayer hadn'thought of when writing this song, one without gods and women with extra super-love; an equal relationship. And we're both still here.

So if you're straight, comply to the rolemodels mentioned in this song and (plan to) have children, you have no reason not to like this song. I'm glad it didn't make it to number one...

PS: I do think he's a good singer and songwriter. In fact, before I knew what he was singing exactly, I liked it.

Beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/21/07

This is an amazing powerful song. I'm only 15 and for me, this song portrays so much. My favorite lines of this song are,
And I've done all I can
To stand on her steps
with my heart in my hand
Now I'm starting to see
Maybe it’s got nothing to do with me
i was trying to figure out if these verses actually mean something deeper than what he's writtten. It honestly sounds like a young girl whose been abused by her father/boy her age. I dunno...i just really love John Mayer and his lyrics really mean something. And just another quick question. Why the crap would this song be considered sexist? OMG just listen to the freaking lyrics instead of judging the song before you even actually try to comprehend what it actually means!!

The girl in this song could be ME | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/7/07

I had a father who was not only distant, but emotionally abusive towards me. This song seriously grips me. Because of my father, I can be very elusive and distant towards a guy who really cares about me. I am afraid of it. My father was no role model, and I don't have any other male authority figure who's told me it's o.k. to be loved.

I LIVED THIS SONG:VERY EMOTIONAL | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/1/07

This song is so beautiful. Its so hard to put into words what I want to say too emotional.I am an mostly R&B music listener.When I heard this song I immediately downloaded it to my ipod I just listened to it again. just beautiful I love it.When I approached my co-worker about the song she already had it on her mp3 player.I want to say thank you to John Mayer(and who ever wrote it) for this song he performed it with perfection and the song is true to life.

Thanks to my therapist... | Reviewer: Charlotte | 5/30/07

I am currently in therapy for an eating disorder and other issues, and my therapist told me to download this song. Wow, i was blown away.

For me, it totally applies. My parenst split up last week (its still really raw...) and my dad has cheated a couple of times. But also, my mum is controlling and does not set us a good example. Now i am growing up, the effects of this are starting to show. I look for the men who treat me wrong, control me, treat me bad.

I feel emplored to voice my opinion. I will never, ever do this to my own children. I just hope my parents have not tuined my life too badly.

"Now she's left
cleaning up the mess he made"

So important! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/25/07

I wish I could send the lyrics of this song to my brother - he just abandoned his wife and two teenage daughters because he "doesn't want to be a husband or father anymore". I don't think he's thought about how much this will hurt his girls and the fact that they will pay for his mistake for the rest of their lives, always doubting themselves and finding it difficult to trust men who want to have relationships with them.

Incredibly sweet | Reviewer: Shawn | 5/27/07

It's such a sweet song that's so deferential to women that I can't even imagine anyone reading it as sexist. Mayer's empathy for the plight of so many women (not sympathy, mind you), including nearly every one I've known, is touching. This is a heartrending yet beautiful song as I've ever heard. Mayer belongs in a class with McCartney, James Taylor, Sting and Billy Joel when it comes to writing about the fragility of the human psyche as it pertains to love.

just beautiful | Reviewer: kiwiming | 5/21/07

I love this song. The melody is so gentle and the lyrics are just beautiful! In fact they have inspired the title of my new blog: Daughters, Lovers, Mothers.

05-01-07 | Reviewer: ***kATiE*** | 5/1/07

this is such a great song. it just speaks to your heart and nothing can be sweeter than hearing those words from a guy to a girl. i absolutely and positively can not think of a better song. thanks, katie

Ignorance is Bliss | Reviewer: Kali | 4/22/07

To the people with the negative reviews, i don't blame you i actually envy you a bit. To the others who criticise these people don't. They are simply ignorant,they are unaware. The first time i heard this song i can say that i blacked out for a bit. One moment the first guitar strains were coming through my headphones then the next thing i knew i was opening my eyes and praying against all odds that the tears would finally fall. If you have never been in any sort of situation like what the song describes then you won't understand. I won't begin any attenpts to explain...cause you'll never get it. I would however plead with the men and women in this world to be careful of there actions because at 23 i can still remember the day that i was made emotionally retarded. I fondest wish is that this song gets thousands of bad reviews...cause the people who give those bad reviews don't know what its like to be in "the same skin you were standing in Since the day you saw him walking away" or " to be a maze Where all of the walls all continually change". But the worst of all is to hurt someone you wish you could love or love someone in the only way you know how....and have it not be enough, which makes them in turn feel like"they've done all they can
To stand on her steps with their heart in their hand, Now I'm starting to see
Maybe it’s got nothing to do with me"
So to my ignorant thankful yet don't be obnoxious because there is sadly those out there who aren't ignorant, those who know exactly what Mayer meant.
And to those who don't fall in either category...well just appreaciate the song its got a nice melody and the lovingly smoky chords of the singer.

So true | Reviewer: | 4/15/07

I agree with "I feel everything this songs says" and with "A real tearjerker" Especially the part in the song about being in the same skin she's always been.. I too saw a picture of me as a young child, helpless and hurt..both of my parents too busy wrapped in living thier lives, trying to achieve their own persnal goals in life and arguinth with each other... they forgot about me. They never spoke to me only when they neeeed to take their anger out on me or order me to do house chores. I was alone all of my life living in the same home as my parents but never really having parents to love and support me. The part where it says daughters they love like you do.. is so true..I'm so afraid of losing the person I am with I often destruct the relationship. i have such trouble trusting people. I am still that little girl wanting and needing that love I never got and this song was very therapeutic and validating for me and how I grew up. Thank you John Mayor.

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