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Performed by John Mayer

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Totally about.... | Reviewer: Reg W | 6/23/13

This song is totally about Belief in any regard but especially religious beliefs. Your belief should be used to direct your life and those that choose freely without manipulation of any kind to accept the same belief. It should never be used to judge, condemn or hurt other people who believe differently! Learn to Love or be destined to fail.

beliefs? | Reviewer: alexander ariel | 4/18/13

guys, I don't know I'm right or wrong about this. But, I believe this song is about beliefs just like how the title say. Just like how I tell you about it right now. It's not only about religions but about beliefs.

As far as I know, beliefs can be put into many kinds of thing such as religions, moral code, laws, etc. Beliefs is what we believe in. You can believe in me, god, science, yourself, and so many things.

Just think of something that you believe in, then imagine what could happen because of it. When beliefs crossed each other, when our beliefs are wrong, when it is right, and how many uncertainties lies from it is this song all about.

Sometimes we need proof to make we realize what we believe is wrong or right. Sometimes we don't find any proof but still believe in it and try to proof what we believe is true. Simply speaking, humans never believe in something that they think is wrong. What we believe in is always considered as right. Therefore, "everyone believes, and they're not going easily" may lead to war or fight. Keep it inside, and it will be "raging on inside" and you're just "punching under water" because beliefs sometimes can't be proven to be right or wrong.

If we just fighting for what we believes in, "we're never gonna win the world" or "stop the war". Since beliefs is what we're fighting for from beginning till the end "emptiness to everything".

Good song, but ... | Reviewer: Trober | 11/3/12

Good tune. As always, his vocals are great, the harmonies great.

The lyrics have catchy phrases, John's good at that stuff, but "punching underwater?" lol

Sadly, as a good guitarist, John's weakest point in the song is the solo IMHO. Same ol' same ol' blues licks. I'd like to see him do something with solos like he does with his lyrics, more catchy stuff.

It's still good to see a guy with talent "making it" in the music biz (vs. so much of the visual hype that does, with little-to-no talent).

High school poetry | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/19/12

John Mayer is a fine guitarist, though hugely over rated. I do like his sound, but he is doing nothing that hasn't been done before. He does have a good voice, though in my opinion somewhat bland. It is good that someone who is musical receives attention as opposed to the general worship of ego centric fame crazed nuts you usually hear about, but come on his lyrics sound like the rantings of a high school english/modern studies student in his last year of school.

Just enjoy the song | Reviewer: Emmy | 3/24/12

All of this argument of what the song means is a waste of time. If you are like me, you are sitting back, relaxing, and just listening to a great song (and trying to not hit the wrong letters, since I am typing on my iPod... Hehe). So, just sit back and enjoy it and what you believe about belief is your belief if that made sense. Please, it's a song. Is it worth a war? This is completely going against the non-negotiable message of the song. Thanks for understanding, Emmy

I like this song very much | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/7/11

It is pretty clever when I think about it. Is he saying that if we all respected eachothers beliefs, then the would be no war and we would have the whole world to 'win'? How true do you think that is?

Re: GlobalCitizen | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/14/10

...massive double hand face palm. It's a song, meaning there is no definite diction to what the lyrics means and meant by the artist (Many songwriters & authors sometimes never understands what they wrote, or they'll understand at some point later in their lives). Ambiguity is one of the colors of lyrics' structural art form.

Let people interpret the lyrics on their own, instead of convincing other people to think in a way that YOU "believe"; oh, Belief can, just like the song.

GlobalCitizen | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/31/10

John Mayer BELIEF LYRICS interpreted…

Many of you above, I believe, are right on target. What is the ultimate truth for me, may not be your truth at all. It is highly unlikely to be the beliefs of people of Muslim faith, and so on.

What we see as normal expressions of sexuality in public or within advertising in the United States, may offend other cultures to the core. It is awareness and respect for other cultures and the way they see things, (as long as they do not impart violence, oppression or humiliation on others), that can define you as a cosmopolitan or Global Citizen. It takes time and effort to really learn about other countries and cultures, and if you have the luxury of being able to travel worldwide or live abroad for a while--that is the very best way to understand and appreciate our differences. What you will find, for the lucky ones like us who have computers and cell phones and security, we discover that our differences are reason to celebrate and cherish unique and rich cultural traditions in art, music, literature, dance, movies, even religion and beliefs, etc..

You will be surprised how very similar people are on fundamental issues everywhere- the vast majority are struggling to make a living, 60% of the global population living on less than $2 per day-- they are trying to care for their children, they need food, housing, health care, education, clean water, sanitation, honest leaders-we humans are a very needy species. For the vast majority, basic needs are not met.
From within the deep injustice of poverty-- terrorism finds its most fertile breeding ground. Segments of populations that had their land and businesses destroyed- and their entire economies as well, like in Iraq-- well, if you were in their shoes how would you feel about being invaded, occupied and family members killed?
Keep in mind that terrorists represent a very extreme sect of Muslim people and that they number less than .001%.

It is unwise to blindly follow Nationalism (Einstein said it is the measles of the human race) without taking a truly global perspective on how any of our cultural (including media) business, foreign policy and especially military interventions will shape our USA reputation in their experience, through their lives, everywhere.

For there to be peace, there must be a separation of church, business and state, so that government public policy serves the highest public interest without being inappropriately influenced by narrow private interests. When you have a president like W in the White House, who makes it clear he supports powerful business people and interests, and right wing Christians help to elect him-- he is going to represent and advance their interests, at the expense of the true will of the population in economics and foreign affairs.

So all of this is to set up the following point, which is why I think John Mayer's song is so insightful and on target: as long as I "believe" that my religion is the only truth, for example, and that my "country" is the best and should dominate others, there will never be peace. We will never win the war, especially on terrorism, as long as we try to win through destruction, alienation, oppression, occupation and force. We might try other tactics...

The Middle East gets quite a bit of money through oil sales to the West. It is impossible to control money flows. We are not improving our reputation to avert future terrorist attacks by carrying out terror attacks of our own, often killing innocent people. Unmanned drone attacks are hell from the sky, imparting death and destruction. Violence begets retaliation and more violence…we may learn this someday…stop blowing things up and consider making the greatest efforts for rebuilding and understanding. The terrorists are criminals and it should be handled like a secret service or police operation--not a big war.

A thought? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/7/10

I could definitely be wrong, but here's my impression of what inspired the song:

Continuum was released in 2006, which meant that he was writing the songs in late 2004 and 2005 which was during the height of the Iraq War. Simultaneously, everyone at home was debating about what they thought was "right or wrong". If you're trying to win people's belief, you're never going to accomplish anything because everyone has a different opinion.

Just a thought.

damn good | Reviewer: She-earl | 3/10/10

my favour part of this song is the part of believe being a chemical witch fights the far inside damn ...theres soething about this guys swagger and persona if one can put it like that....thats just jessica!!!!!!

relax | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/1/10

All this argument over what this song is about is unnecessary. John Mayer is an amazingly talented artist, whose lyrics are both heart felt and creative master pieces. The symbolism and comparisons he uses are unparrelleled. So that is that my friends, just relax and enjoy.

belief | Reviewer: lovejohnmayer | 12/30/09

hes saying that if you arent open and accept other beliefs conflicts cant be solved. all our problems in this world are about belief and hes saying were gonna 'stop the war, win the world, beat this'if we dont put our beliefs aside

Funny | Reviewer: Jared | 12/3/09

I find it ironic how everyone debates over the meaning of the song. "Everyone believes
In how they think it ought to be" Nobody is right, everyone has their own opinion and interpretation on what the song is. No one is right, and everyone is right.

Why does this matter? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/28/09

Shouldn't all that matter is that he's an amazing artist and he puts his heart and soul into his songs? Yeah, so why debate and get all salty about something so small? Grow up a little. We all have opinions and once you start criticising others about their BELIEFS, then you're pretty pathetic.

Meaning of Belief | Reviewer: Jon Vaughn | 10/10/09

My understanding of what John Mayer has written and spoken is that of my own, but what is more important is what it means to Him.

If it is of Him, it is good.

When I listen to it, it sounds like a song of Him and the battle within yourself of wanting to believe, but you do not believe. To me, the song is of Him, which again, to me, makes it a good song to sing. To you, I do not know what it means until expose the true condition of your heart.

God Bless All Of You.

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