Huge influence on punk rock. | Reviewer: Ahmet Kemal | 7/9/14

I don't think there would be punk rock without John Lennon,specially without this song.I don't have any extensive research to back that up,but just a gut feeling.Who was questioning and defying cultural norms of submission to capitalism before him?And he did it in such a chill way,he never made a big angry stink about it,he simply asked the questions,These days,it seems like Kurt Cobains dynasty is still running it's course,but he didn't sing with unfiltered conscious like John Lennon.

One of Many Warnings | Reviewer: Old History Marm | 5/17/13

Lennon had it right! Consider also the other bards of that period. There's John Fogerty's "Who'll Stop the Rain?" and "Wrote a Song for Everyone" ; Bob Dylan's Masters of War"; Simon and Garfunkle's "Sounds of Silence", and of course, Don McClean's "American Pie"---last verse,"...I went down to the Sacred store where I heard the music years before but the man there said the music wouldn't play, And in the street the children screamed, the lovers cried and the poets dreamed, not a word was spoken, church bells all were broken and the three I admired the most, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, caught the last train for the coast, the day the music died" How sad and stupid can a people be? Wake up Americans!!! old retired teacher

you are all so very close to having it right. | Reviewer: mark stewart | 1/29/13

Yes there is a political over tone But John is talking about the social decline of the have not's to choose better. The folks on the hill refers to the wealthy and how we aspire to have more more and still more while so many go without much. they torture...; "they are our parents and the generations that have some how chosen dysfunction over righteous lives. The song as I understand it and have played it is a Bell ringing to remind us all that there are more important things in this life. Its not just keeping up with the "Jones" or attaining bigger profits than last year. It warns of all the trappings of religion, media and the drug culture. John was so smart and I miss him so much. Thank GOD for his Life and TIME.

wilson | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/21/11

what john means when he says....there is room at the top,if you want to be like the folks at the hill.....he implies to capitol hill could be the guys who run our world corrupt evil bob Marley,2pac and many others not withholding who ave seen ahead maybe a little ahead of their time its a pity we took so long to see it.

capitol hill | Reviewer: wilson | 12/21/11

what john means when he says....there is room at the top,if you want to be like the folks at the hill.....he implies to capitol hill could be the guys who run our world corrupt evil bob Marley,2pac and many others not withholding who ave seen ahead maybe a little ahead of their time its a pity we took so long to see it.

John Lennon | Reviewer: Bronwen | 5/9/09

The song in my opinion gives out a true impression of the government and the world as it collapses.

When John sings: 'They hurt you at home and they hit you at school
They hate you if you're clever and they despise a fool' it can be applied to todays measure - since teachers and parents both hit you with sarcastic comments and the weight of the world comes slamming down onto your shoulders at a young age.

I find the original much more biting than the new Green day cover.

Wake up PEOPLE | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/13/09

John Lennon Was way ahead of our time. Its as if he was a soothsayer of sorts. I remember when he was shot. What was it 6 shots? With Yoko standing next to him? It was clearly a hit or assassin. I also remember when the Feds tried to deport him. He in his LYRICS was sending and telling us a message for today. Look around you, at the headlines and at yourself and tell me that this is what we are and what John wrote about. Were all fucking peasants as far as he could see.

Calm down | Reviewer: J.C | 12/12/07

I hate coming to see reviews on a good video or good lyrics when all I see is hate. Stop insulting everybody, read the lyrics as you listen to the song, and if you have something interesting to say, we'll be happy to read it :)

my view | Reviewer: Olivia | 11/22/07

no age can determine wether you can interperate a song. to every person, there is a different message. no one can be wrong or right when interpreting a song because no matter how much you argue, the meaning of a song is at the hands of your own personal imagination and interpretation.
i am 15 and if you think that that means i cant get a message from this song then i think maybe you should go take a look at yourself mate. absolute joke. haha

A little restraint | Reviewer: Shmore | 10/6/07

Apparently restraint is something that is learned with age.

I believe DJ was speaking more of maturity then of a set age. And I can almost be sure that his comment wasn't intended to discourage younger folks from the song or the message.

Peoples Bullshit | Reviewer: Joanna N. | 10/2/07

To whoever said that people under 20 wouldint understand this song is a fucking uneducated bastard! You think this song is amazing when just what you said contradicts the whole point of this song! You DON'T have to be 20 to understand that the government is a sham and and people live their lives following willed ignorance so fucking blindly that they become business men assholes that John Lennon is taking about. I'm 17 and I'm fully fucking aware how much money means to the world, and what people will do to get it. Get your facts straight before you make stupid comments that only apply to stupid fucking pricks like you, how can you look up to someone or their point of view when you CLEARLY have no clue what it means.

Sarcastic Lennon | Reviewer: DJ | 8/24/07

This song is simply amazing. I love John's Sarcasm " A Working Class Hero is something to be" what a slap in the face to governemnt/big business. Its not until your a little bit older(midtolate 20's) until you understand this song. Kids wouldnt grasp the concept.

this "Keep you doped with religion and sex and TV
And you think you're so clever and classless and free
But you're still fucking peasants as far as I can see" blows my mind!

Green Day's Cover Has Its Own Merrits but I Still Like The Original | Reviewer: Celeste | 8/8/07

I honestly thought that John's version of this song is a little bit better than the cover but then again I just might be a little bit partial to the original.

Working class hero | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/31/07

I first heard the Green Day cover. Its strong, but John's originial carries weight!!

Re: A Lifelong Classic Gets New Audience | Reviewer: Aaron | 6/9/07

I find it sad how apathetic young people are nowadays. How dissapointing how your son's girlfriend showed no interest when you explained the song to her. I find the meanings and origins of songs fascinating. The irony of that is I'm 14. How old was she?