the most intelligent singer in my life | Reviewer: zach b. | 9/27/07

I will never forget john lennon, he was a good song writer and he moved people with his songs and lyrics. No one will be better then john!! And every one better believe it!Peace! ps. make love, not war

The Greatest Song Writer that ever lived | Reviewer: Lennon Fan | 8/1/07

There are several opinions on Music,from who was the greatest guitarist to who was the finest band!

There are however,without a shred of a doubt, only 2 facts!!!................

The Beatles were & forever will be, the Greatest Rock Band of all time! &

John Lennon is the Greatest Songwriter that ever walked the face of this earth!

Forget Dylan{though great},Forget everyone else...

Their songs pale into mere insignificance compared to the profound,immortal Genius that was John Lennon!

You will never be forgotton John!


a lot like me | Reviewer: It's only me | 5/31/07

I wish I could have known him. We share opinions and I feel he is the only person I can truly relate to, yet he died over a decade before I was born. May your music and memory live on, John.

Obsessed | Reviewer: Amy | 5/21/07

im obessed with john lennon he was one of the most brillant people that ever lived and nobody else will ever fill that void he inspired generations with his cool attitude and his impossible dream a man that was eccentric to some but a visionary to most may he rest in peace

John Lennon The Great | Reviewer: fab4fan | 5/21/07

I just want to write a short review for now and I will write a much longer one at another time. John Lennon was one of the greatest song writers and singers of all time with a very beautiful unique voice!

John Lennon | Reviewer: stephanie | 4/24/07

John Lennon is amazing&&famous. He will be today and for the next 1232years from now. John Lennon is my idol and always be forever and ever. He didnt do anything to get shot. "GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!"

John Lennon. | Reviewer: sara | 2/26/06

John Lennon you were the true founder of the Beatles and you will always and forever be my hero! John is definitely a true idol...he stood up for what he believed in which included peace & love. Although the public has been rude to him, he has gotten killed for no reason. ILOVEYOUJOHN!

The most brilliant singer and song writer in history | Reviewer: Megan from Australia | 1/5/06

no 1 will ever forget john lennon! he was the best and it was heartbreaking how he died! John will always live in our hearts and don't you ever forget it! luv ya always John!