Fool | Reviewer: Alex | 12/12/08

Jonh Lennon, when you think of it, had a couple communist ideas. In Imagine, he talks about everyone being equal in everything and be one. And he was a hypocrite. He sung about no possessions, yet he still lived in a top notch home with millions. I think he was a douchebag. I'm all for peace, but getting rid of countries would get rid of who we are. I'm all for getting rid of religion and possessions, but most of what he sings about is basically communist and retarded. I don't believe he deserved to get shot, but i still didn't like his ideas.

Oh my, | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/7/08

My mother and father always had the radio on when I was little, an as I turned about ten, I learned that The Beatles were amazingly perfect, I praise music because of them, John Lennon was to be a great man, and now he rests with the rest.

John rules | Reviewer: Ian | 12/8/08

A man who genuinely cared. Although his physical presence is no longer with us, his memory and music will live on. You have touched many hearts, John. You've touched mine. Thank you... for everything.

And always remember, give peace a chance!

A Spirited Messenger with an Eternal Message | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/27/08

The message of John Lennon is expressed in the lyrics to some of the songs he wrote, after the Beatles visited Maharishi Mahesh Yogi at his ashram in India in February, 1968. The message is included in at least five songs, listed below in chronological order by date of first release.

• Revolution (with Paul McCartney; "TB-WA" album, November 25, 1968)

• Two Minutes Silence ("LWL" album, May 26, 1969)

• Working Class Hero ("JL/POB" album, December 11, 1970)

• Imagine ("I" album, September 9, 1971; a world anthem of peace)

• Mind Games ("MG" album, November 2, 1973)

• Watching the Wheels ("DF" album, November 17, 1980)

All but the second song is reviewed by the present reviewer in the past three days.

John Lennon’s message is the timeless message of all mystics and spiritually enlightened ones, expressed most beautifully in the ancient Eastern wisdom of the Upanishads: We are all enlightened, just we have forgotten it. Be aware of who and what you are. To help remember, go within (e.g., using techniques of meditation to go beyond the mind) and thereby directly, immediately experience the innermost center of being, the nondual oneness, where one can experience inner peace, love, freedom, truth, bliss, or whatever name is preferred for the existential experience of the nameless unknowable mystery.

John Lennon was no mystic, but he was a poet. John advocated meditation (meditation techniques as well as the meditative state of consciousness). The ultimate state of consciousness known as spiritual enlightenment cannot be reached by artificial, temporary means such as drugs. He is not known to have mentioned any personal, first-hand experience of the beyond. Nevertheless, he may have experienced a radical, transformative change during his spiritual development. Such an experience could be the basis for his poetic expression of that highest state of being.

Rest in Peace, John Lennon

Love, Peace and Happiness | Reviewer: Shelby | 9/19/08

I really think this was a great piece on John. I have been listening to the Beatles and John Lennon since I was very young and I'm only 16 now..I am now writting a paper on peace activists and he was the number one person I thought of...
we love you john

Lucy Lennon Psycho Bitch | Reviewer: Angelo | 7/26/08

We have all confirmed just how mentally unstable Lucy lennon is. She states over and over again the same bull. She is trying to make a name for herself by hiding behind a computer and posting nothing but lies. She will never admit to who he/she is because of the lies that have been created. I know that if I new something true to the fact I would stand up and show myself to prove that I am correct. John did love May. Learn to deal with it Lucy and get over it. Find a person to love you and you will then understand. Of course it won't be John Lennon but that's o.k.! Maybe go to the nearest animal shelter and get yourself a pet. You can even name it John if it will make you feel better. Take baby steps.

For Lucy Lennon | Reviewer: Angelo | 7/19/08

Although Lennon would publicly lament this period, he did not do so in private. Journalist Larry Kane, who befriended Lennon in 1964, wrote a comprehensive biography of Lennon which detailed the “Lost Weekend” period. In the interview with Kane, Lennon explained his feelings about his time with Pang: “You know Larry, I may have been the happiest I’ve ever been… I loved this woman, [Pang] I made some beautiful music and I got so fucked up with booze and shit and whatever.”[24][25]

John said it himself Lucy. Remember once something is written you can’t take it back!!!

I know you will try to turn it around but don’t bother. Everyone cover your ears and say LALALALALALALALA

john lennon | Reviewer: elizabeth | 5/14/08

this guy is an amazing person. "OH MY LOVE" is the greatest. i'm super happy that they formed the beatles. their songs are kick ass. who could live without them? they definately made a great difference!

discarceful! | Reviewer: lucy | 4/9/08


he rocks | Reviewer: twiggy | 1/25/08

i loved mr. lennon and still do he was a great guy! its a shame he was killed but hes in a better place now away from all the bad and evil in the world. my birthday is dec 8th the day he was shot. i think about him everyday and one of my fav songs is imagine. john lennon is my rock-n-roll angel!!!!

I Lov3 YOu JOHN LENNON aNd Alwaiis wiLL LoVe You | Reviewer: Maria | 12/21/07

First of All Thank you for THE BEATLES they wre awsome and still r very awsome. Well I LOve JOHN LENNON I've Plentii of booKs about HiM. I am a big Fan of him and his MuSic. JOHN LENNON, U wiLL AlWaiis be A biG Part of my life. I WILL be Just liKe you and I promis3D I Will be WorlD Peace activist and An anTi-war activist. I love you mii WORKING CLASS HERO!!!

I LOv3 You JOHN LENNON AND Alwaiis will LOVe You | Reviewer: maria | 12/21/07

thnk you for creating THE BEATLES I realli lov3 you a lot you are mii idol, mii hero,and mii everiithing. I realli love you a lot.I promise you i will be a WOrlD pEACe ACTIvisT and An aNti-wAr actIviSt jUst like You. I LOVe you JOHN LENNON!!! "A WORKING CLASS HERO IS SOMETHING TO BE"-JOHN LENNON "GIVE PEACE A CHANCE"!!!

Cool | Reviewer: Sam | 11/21/07

heyy i jus was lookin for reserch on john lennon cuz im doin a report on it... i hav a book on him and i was lokkin and lookin for info. and this is perfect i love<3 john hes awsome!!!=]]
its relle sad that he died by an obbsessed fan that shot him tho... this reserch is perfect tho!! JOHN ROCKS THE BEATLES!!!! GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!!!!!
/ l \
/ l \
[ l ]
\ / l\ / PEACE!!!!
\/ l \/

i love john lennon | Reviewer: Desiree | 11/7/07

Well at first i really didnt no about John Lennon. Until my dad introduce me into his music. And when i listned to his song imagine i feel in love with him. His music really made since too me. John lennon will never be forgotten. I LOVE YOU JOHN!!!!!

I know him in heart | Reviewer: JessicaJiang | 10/9/07

I always want to cry every time I see him singing.He is great,and he is a legend.I am kind of like him.