Yoko Song | Reviewer: Vana | 7/18/12

John was my first love. This song gave me both the chills and ***spooookkyyy feeling. Anyway, I couldn't imagine anything more of expressing your love to someone. This is just it!

Great song... | Reviewer: Trip | 1/1/11

Great song, just very sad
I relate it to falling in love with my first cat I ever had, which I loved very much... We had to put him down a couple years ago... He was almost 14 years old
RIP Elliott

A gem! | Reviewer: Christina | 11/11/06

A short yet beautiful piece. I first heard this song on the "Lennon Anthology". These heart-wrenching lyrics are set against a gentle melody that has an unmistakable Japanese influence (thank you Yoko). John played on piano and sang vocals with no over-dubbing, George Harrison accompanied on guitar. It needed nothing else. Simply beautiful.