Mind games and #9 dream | Reviewer: Luiz | 9/9/11

I do agree this song is kinda spiritual, and I reminded it after listening over and over to #9 dream, when John talks about "two spirits dancing so strange". The rhythm of that song is very different from Ming games', but the message has sth to do.

This song just hit me today | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/14/11

I've heard this song many times before but somehow I was ready to see it's beauty while driving. It came on the radio as it has many times before but wow was I ready to hear this song today. Thank you, John & Yoko.

Beyond Mind Games | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/26/08

The human mind is a social construct. An individual not living in society has no mind. A person living in society typically is a socially conditioned robot, continuously playing mind games, projecting illusions and distortions upon the screen of the temporal, spatial world.

John Lennon is explicitly spiritually deeper in the lyrics of this song than in most of his other songs. He understands the difference between talking the talk, i.e., mind games, and walking the walk, i.e., inner silence, inner surrender, inner peace, and unconditional love.

In the lyrics to “Revolution”, he talks about freedom of the mind, i.e., freedom from the social conditioning which represses and wounds the natural individual. In the lyrics to “Watching the Wheel”, he talks about meditation as one way to go beyond the mind and its games. In the lyrics to “Imagine”, he talks about what you can experience when you meditate and go beyond the mind. These three songs also were reviewed by this reviewer, just yesterday.

Once more people are able to see the deeper, spiritual dimension of John Lennon and his poetic lyrics, the world will be as one because existence is one, without duality, without division, without divisiveness, without conflict, without war, without hatred, with love, with surrender, with peace.

The Upanishadic vision is that One is All, and All is One. The message is that we are all spiritually enlightened, but we have forgotten it. John Lennon kindly, gently, humorously, playfully tries to remind us of the cosmic joke, cosmic play, and cosmic dance.

what a song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/22/07

Guys, i gotta tell you that this is one of several songs i fucking love.

this guy really knew how to write songs and what to say with them.

holy shit John, you're the great one, the best one.

Mind Games | Reviewer: Alberto | 10/31/07

i finally understood this song to perfection!! this talks about the law of attraction!! is one of the greastest song of John he knew about this and now you can see this in the secret...he was definitly connected with the universe!!! his music really cheers me up! God bless to all and peace on earth!

Beautiful | Reviewer: Dominque | 5/19/07

I LOVE this song!!! Go to www.YouTube.com, and search for this song! There, you will find Lennon's AWESOME video! I like black!