We All Shine On | Reviewer: John | 11/2/14

John Lennon and the Beatles were very inspired. There's a book called the Present that talks about them, google truth contest and you'll find it.

If you dig the Beatles, check this out.

aweome song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/1/10

i think this is an edited version, prob for radio or somethin cos im pretty sure the lyrics r "who in the hell do u think u r?" instant karma is going get u! (what goes around comes around, it happens to evryone, live in the moment!)

a classical | Reviewer: Anita | 2/6/08

I love this song! full of energy and some kind of angry happyness...
The idea of "instant karma" is not explained on the song, but it's worth the investigation (renge: simultaneousness of cause and effecta)

good song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/19/07

lennons songs are not technically brilliant but what makes him special is the raw emotion displayed throughout his career. he is equal to dylan and nobody else comes close.