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Performed by John Lennon

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People have the wrong imagination | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/11/11

Why do people say Lennon was a communist? They say it's in the lyrics of "Imagine", but that's not true. You have to listen to, not interprete, the lyrics of this song. He is talking about not having communism or capitalism, no Christianity or Islam or Judaism. No differences between the man next to you and a man half way around the world. I can't stand it when people claim he is a communist. He even said that he wasn't a communist!!!

We Share One World | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/4/11

I am an Assistant English teacher in Japan and I was told by one of the Japanese teachers I am teaching with this Thursday, December 8th, that I am going to be teaching the song "Just Imagine" to the students. I always loved the song since I am a very philosophical person. My parents went to Harvard and they always encouraged me to think outside the box so that society doesn`t cloud my thoughts. I write poetry about corruption in the world and I have never published it but maybe eventually I will. I was looking up these lyrics since the textbook for the students spells "someday" in the song "some day" as two seperate words. I wasn`t sure which is correct but I think someday is because it means that John Lennon was saying that in an indefinete time, not a specific time, there will be world peace. He uses the world "imagine" because, I believe he doesn`t think it will ever be reality. As Langston Hughes said in his incredible poem "Theme for English B", "well, I like to eat, sleep, drink, and be in love" meaning that everyone in the world has this in common so racism should never be an issue is an important message. There has always been hierarchy since written history started so we don`t have the root to it starting but it`s become overwhelming with technology. In the Western world it seems as though everyone wants McDonalds and shops at Walmart and the Shell station which are corrupt companies which are thriving according to Naomi Klein`s book No Logo. Please read it as well as Death by Rubber Duck. There are some pretty intense reasons are world is corrupt and Noam Chomsky says it best "advertisement has two purposes, one is to keep us entertained and the other is to keep us creatures who don`t care about anything except spending our money on materialistic goods so the rich powerful people can do what they want without any interference." Ten percent of the world owns 90% of the wealth. We are taught greed in the Western world from the second we are born. It`s up to individuals to make a difference. Good and evil does exist. Sometimes you can just feel that they are real and sense a devil on your shoulder weighing you down like a boulder. I wrote that in my poetry the other day. I`ve never published my work besides right now but I won`t say who I am out of fear of getting killed by knowing too much! I know so many other intelligent people disappeared because of that. Just please search and don`t depend solely on religion as as Plato said best " a handful of brains is better than an army of blockheads". Lets make this world a better place by promoting world peace. Its really ironic to me that John Lenon died exactly 31 days ago from the day I`m teaching his song to my students. I think it`s message from a higher power. I do believe in God but I`m not totally sold on the idea of Jesus Christ or religion!!!!!!!! Please listen to the message of Socrates "the unexamined life is not worth living". Searching will hopefully satify you and if religion is the real root, you will know after filtering out truth by listening to both sides, athiests and religious people. Debate and promote world peace please :) Although we have individual journeys and different biological makeup we can make a difference, I truly believe that!

My thoughts... | Reviewer: Doris_Mae | 11/20/11

Well first of all, I love The Beatles, which includes John Lennon. Secondly, I am a devout Christian, however these lyrics don't offend me at all. I know John was an Atheist, but still. To me these lyrics are simply an idea, he's not really bashing religion in anyway. He says "imagine there's no Heaven...." to me, he is more like saying, imagine there is no arguing over whether Heaven exists or not, imagine everyone just agreeing on one thing. This song really just promotes peace. I know music can be interpreted a thousand ways, and even if my interpretation is not what John intended, it's still how I see it. I love this song and I believe in God, I even like the lyrics. I really do believe in world peace and no fighting, even if some people are saying it's a silly fantasy. It's not called Imagine for nothing!

Imagine - simply speaking the truth | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/7/11

Lennon simply has a full grasp on reality. I don't mean to offend anyone...but like Lennon said directly once, Christianity (and in my opinion, all religion) will one day die out. It's an ancient belief system and people are starting to think more logically and accept the truth. Lennon is simply saying we're all just humans- we're all just the same. In my opinion, all the prejudice and hatred in the world is not innate- it was taught to us or developed simply by being raised in the crazy world we live in. But it doesn't have to be that way. It's not human nature to have extreme "greed or hunger". And i think he also realizes that religion directs people's mentalities- people who are religious are strangely focused on themselves and although they believe in helping people, they are religious for one reason: getting to heaven. If people didn't have the incentive of feeling secure by having a secured place in heaven, then they would live life for today and their focuses would be directed in different ways- we wouldn't accept the "way the world is" because WE have the power to change it and make it better. I think this is a major point people miss in this song. (again, if you're religious, i didn't mean to offend you- i truly see that this is lennon's meaning in the song though)

You all wrong! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/28/11

Yea this is a great song but not with a good meaning.And you do not need to imagine what he says cuz it will be a reality. About 1 years later.And you will see he was not the only one too.Yes he was not the only freemason in the world.Yes sounds good peace,no hell or stg but its all the crap that called illuminati.Trust me people and google theese keywords like New World Order,Project Blue Beam,─░lluminati Card Game and you'll see what's going on in the world.And ─▒t's so bad that people all got it all wrong.

John Lennon's Birthday | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/16/11

I love this song. This and " Beautiful Boy/Darling Boy" are my favorite John songs without Ringo Joj and Paul. On October 9th this year I'm going to play the youtube video of this as many times as possible, only watching it the first time. I'm going to set a timer telling me to go restart it, and I urge you to do the same.

On February 25th, for Joj's birthday I'm doing the same but with Something.

Please help me show their spirits I care!

no possesion | Reviewer: chima | 8/27/11

i strongly belive that a world u have notting to fight for is the most there is nationality and lots to own....u got something to die for..this brings greed,hatred.prejudise and war.

beatles | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/17/11

think logically, if possible and take away all the boundaries that you have been given since birth. (religion, time, work, society etc.)they are all in your brain. other people do not see the world I see. this song isn't about 'reality'. i think it's about your own perception. it's all inside of you. all five senses. the brain is more complex than most people know and more complex than i could imagine. the only proof i have of this is emotions, dreaming, deja vu, instictive behaviors and other minds that have shared similar thoughts. they are indescribable. i don't know what his plan was for this song, if not simply asking you to just imagine. i don't plan on ever finding out. i'm perfectly fine without knowing. fate is fate. whatever it may be that allows us to be and produce these thoughts could be an infinite being that we aren't even aware of. do you know what happens when you die? i dont. but i do not believe that you go to a different realm or are just erased. that doesn't seem likely, but i have no proof other than experiences i have went through. you may search your whole life looking for the answer to realize that you never wanted the answer.

i use words such as life, world and such as my interpretation. take what you want from it. i truly do not know, these are ideas/theories from the way my brain functions. no feedback needed i will most likely never visit this page again. i just felt like i needed to get something out after reading so many of the same comments over and over. not frustation. sense of loneliness. ignorance is bliss. i can't lie to myself though. if you have valid points to prove all or any of this wrong please do.

i dunno guys .. | Reviewer: a guy born in th wrong decade | 3/4/11

i see this song as a fantasy of wat would be a "perfect world" to many ppl, unrealistic ? duuuuuuuuh its called "imagine" ! xD
nd to th guy who said its rubbish, im pretty sure tht when lennon said imagine no religion/heaven/hell .. he didnt mean tht ppl shud act in sure evil ! bt for th misleading some ppl use out of religion nd wrong analysing nd misunderstanding of it, after all "true" religion comes from th human soul, many so-called religious ppl commit th worse of crimes everyday nd sleep like babys, still many antiests behave quite as religions say (morally, like not stealing nd not harming ppl nd nd nd ...) so its not like, no hell let's kill nd rape y'all !!! as simple as it is, it is indeed a great song lyrically nd musically, nd yeh coz most ppl r actually programmed to like peace !! he's talking abt peace, a peaceful happy world, AND he knows it cant be true thts why he used th word "imagine" 700 times

Please take that back :( | Reviewer: Cami the crestfallen | 3/3/11

This song makes me cry for many reasons. it makes me ashamed of how awful our lifestyle is. it moved me truly, its so beautiful. but the thing that makes me the most upset...when people call john lennon rubbish. THAT SONG WAS THE ONLY THING THAT SAVED ME. i was sad for a long time. i had no friends then i listened to this. besides, if you think this song means that (are you deaf, blind, or just stupid?) and hate it THAT much, then why are you looking up the lyrics?!? i love this song. R.I.P John

LOVE! | Reviewer: KiKi | 1/31/11

This song is a simple message that John wanted to see this world live together in peace and love! I dont know why people like to break it down and try figure out what it means! Just listen to the lyrics John is basically saying it all!
This song gets me so emotional know a man with so much love in his heart dies a violent death by the hands of a idiot.
John you may be gone but you live on in the hearts of everyone.
RIP John Lennon October 9, 1940 - December 8, 1980

AB's Reveiw | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/22/11

A blogger here wrote that John Lennon's song was "rubbish" supposedly because, without heaven or hell, people would become a miserable, evil lot. Wake up Ahmed! Many already engage in all of these terrible actions even though the world is bursting with religion and religious people. While I know some decent people who believe in heaven and hell, there are a large number of religious people who engage in all of the evil things you listed. I also know many people who don't believe in heaven or hell who never engage in the things you listed - except for maybe sexual pleasure, which is no ones business, when it's between consenting adults. John Lennon is bold enough to suggest that we should be responsible for our own behavior instead of depending on religious and spiritual myths to guide us - he is not the first to suggest it and isn't the last. At any rate, until we finally "grow up" as human beings and start taking resposibility for our own behavior, we'll continue to falter.

Power of imagination | Reviewer: Jamin | 1/11/11

Men in their limited imagination assumes limitation of abundancy.Anyone can be as famous as J.Lennon if really he needs the fame,and if anyone can...then assuming all is(or isn't anything possible with God again?)-with all of our thoughts positive,we will feel&live in a different environ;lacking poverty,no greed,....I wish we can all dream like J.Lennon did-but thats a dream too.

Imagine people still review his song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/19/10

Rubbish, utopia, love, power, beauty, etc. . . really? That sounds like a broken record, lol. "Imagine" is still being reviewed after all these years. Never mind what the song means to you what does this mean to you? Your still asking what does it mean or your discovering for the first time because someone said it was important. John Lennon asked difficult questions, he hardly answered them did he? He said imagine . . .

watching the light of imagine | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/17/10

thousand of years we came to see and understood. that we only have just begun to visit the earth and imagine the sound that came from a human was then the awakening of reality. the door has been closed till we find the wind of time . then we shall see it was maybe always been there . we just never had the power to imagine

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