John Lennon is God. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/29/11

John Lennon is God. He may not be the "creator" but i believe his message and everything he stood for is more powerful than anything in any bible. Though i have not read any bible i still believe this. As far as the "creator" anyones beliefe on that is just a beliefe. No one knows the real answer.

Imagine | Reviewer: David Lergessner | 9/6/10

Imagine if John were alive today. It is easy for us to look back and see the future he hoped for in his lyrics but would he be happy? Should we be happy with the future we have and if not, whose fault is it?

Inner Truth | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/27/08

John Lennon says just gimme some truth now. And he is not talking about political truth, which is an oxymoron. He is talking about here and now, about inner truth, about spiritual truth.

Such eternal truth is experienced in the highest state of consciousness, also known as spiritual enlightenment. It is also experienced and expressed as peace, love, freedom, bliss and other names for the nameless, unknowable mystery of the ultimate beyond.

This inner awareness can be attained by going within to the innermost center of being, by transcending the ego-mind, by total surrender to the whole existence. There are a number of meditation techniques that help one to directly, immediately experience this meditative state of consciousness.

For more about the message of John Lennon, see the related reviews in the past three days for “Imagine”, “Watching the Wheels”, “Revolution”, “Mind Game”, “Working Class Hero”, “Born in a Prison”, and “Crippled Inside”. The best review for “Two Minutes Silence” is two minutes of meditative silence.

Give me some truth | Reviewer: Lynne | 8/29/07

This song is so powerful and pertinent in today's political climate, every thing John stood for and wrote songs about has an important message for people today, if they would only listen!!

John Lennon Forever.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/19/07

I love this song its so strong in what he says. I love that he cares about peace.