i relate totally to this | Reviewer: lucy | 12/4/13

I vividly remember reading these lyrics in the 1980's off the imagine album when I was a little girl wondering what on earth they meant. Sadly today after my stupid gp putting me onto prescription opiates for mild back pain I now totally feel exactly like the words of this song. Withdrawal from opiates is hell. John was so talented at conveying this feeling 100% accurately.

Flawless! | Reviewer: richie | 10/9/13

Brilliant song and lyrics, anybody who has been through heroin withdrawals or similar opiate withdrawals knows exactly how John Lennon was feeling when he experienced this and wrote this, and he conveys that feeling beautifully!

"Cold Turkey" - A "Beatle" breaks free | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/29/07

This tune could be said to be the first actual "Beatle solo project", as it was recorded in early-1969, long BEFORE the famous "McCartney" album which announced the end of the group's prolific career in 1970.

This is Lennon documenting his (limited) experience with heroin. Almost "punk" in it's presentation and lyrical content, and pre-dating that movement by half a decade.

well discription | Reviewer: Adam hetfield | 2/18/07

absoulutely brilliant!
john lennon knows just how to speak his mind and how to make some one else feel the way he does..
john lennon is num 1!!!