# nine song | Reviewer: Jane | 4/25/13

"When you accecpt the inescapable nature of the mastery asemptote, you realize the joy isn’t in the destination (which will forever elude you), rather, it’s in the journey. The joy is in all the little wins, the little discoveries, the gains you experience along the way."

Wonderful song, dream state inducing, | Reviewer: Tali | 10/27/11

Wonderful song, dream state inducing, always makes me go into a trance, brings vissions. I thinks it should be listened to in the dark, with closed eyes so as to allow the melody and john's voice to surround you, and take away all the distractions.

Life is a dream | Reviewer: Joaquin | 6/15/11

This song is about life itself as a dream. In a particular state of mind, reached by great artists, budists and particularly spititual people, you come to perceive this life as a dream, when you see it from the vantage point of consciousness. Thus Lennon saying : seemed so real to me., as life appears very real to us indeed.Calderon de la Barca, a Spanish writer said: life is but a dream, and dreams remain dreams.a fantastic work of art.

To Dichotomy | Reviewer: loralei lee | 12/11/09

It doesnt matter your take on the song. Its too bad that its lost on you. Its Johns creation, its his music and he made it just perfect as it is. Stop being closed minded and go with it you cant change an artist and when he wrote he wasnt trying to please anyone just share his view of HIS dream state not yours.

Response to "Dichotomy" by John | Reviewer: JCD | 11/18/09

I agree with your review and comments. Very insightful. To maybe answer some of your questions with this song:
(From Wikipedia):
"#9 Dream" is a song written and performed by John Lennon and featured as the seventh track on his 1974 album Walls and Bridges. In January 1975, it was released as the second single from that album backed by another album track, "What You Got". It continues Lennon's fascination with the number nine (he was born on 9 October, and, coincidentally, the track also peaked at number nine in the U.S. charts when it was released). The backing vocal is provided by May Pang, Lennon's partner at the time.

According to Pang's website, two working titles for the song were "So Long Ago" and "Walls & Bridges". Pang also states that the phrase repeated in the chorus, "Ah! böwakawa poussé, poussé", came to Lennon in a dream and has no specific meaning. Lennon then wrote and arranged the song around his dream, hence the title and the atmospheric, dreamlike feel of the song including the use of cellos in the hook.

dichotomy | Reviewer: John | 3/31/08

This song is such a dichotomy to me. The "dream, dream away" part is an absolutely amazing melody !!! ... as a listener, I feel like I am in a dream and am "floating" with the music. An awesome song indeed, until the "ah bowakawa, pousse pousse" part comes in, which may mean something grand, I don't know, but the awesome melody and "dream state" is lost at this part of the song, which is a shame. It's too bad that Lennon couldn't have kept the beginning melody throughout the entire song somehow, something more subtle I suppose. This is probably what kept this from being a great song and more of an obscure one. For example, the song 'Imagine' is simply awesome from start to finish, no "let down" at any point in that song. Anyway, those are my thoughts on this song that could have been another 'Imagine'. It's too bad, he was so close.