my mentor | Reviewer: jeanette | 4/9/10

i dig ur music a lot.wheneva im wit my man we just play ur music and its also help me to be up on mondays and i never have monday blues. keep the up the good work.hope to hear another thrilling songs.

am the girl that you are helping in the MVP (UNDP) ghana | Reviewer: affum rose | 4/1/10

dear uncle,

its great to see you on the internet. how are you and your family. its a long time I hear from you and I took it upon myself to look for you on he internet. I was filled with joy. And I know God will
richly bless you and your family.I want to inform you about my B.E.C.E.I assure you that I will come out with different colours in the name of God AMEN. STAY BLESS. THANK YOU.

Wow! | Reviewer: Nondu | 10/24/09

John Legend

I couldn't have said it better myself. I was at the Coca Cola Dome last sunday( 18 October 2009) and I was blown away,yet again. I reconnected with your music, honestlty I had forgotten how good you were.You're music is so rich and I most definately believe it's a reflection of your depth as a person.Thank you for giving us music worth listening to. It's timeless and it definately makes a lasting impression on the soul.

You are the best,

Inspiration | Reviewer: Vuyani Ncatsha | 6/9/09

John Legend, you are a real 'Legend' young as you are. I love your music, today I have bought your DVD "John Legend-Live from Philadelphia" I am inspired by your Payer song. You are one of the greatest musician. May the Good Lord bless you and your Family

Legend's music is smooth with a hint of old school | Reviewer: Foushane | 3/1/09

I grew up listening to all the motown greats. I have difficulty listening to most of today's music. I love all of your music and I have Estelle's music too. You are truly gifted. God has blessed you with a great deal of talent. Keep up the good work. You remind me of my nephew-he looks a great deal like you.
P.S. I enjoyed your letter to the Post. Hopefully all african american's understand what you wrote.

amazed! | Reviewer: annette | 2/27/09

Wow, first of all I want to applaud your great music. I went out and got your newest cd and I am so hooked on them its crazy! I appreciate your soulful music; love it, love it, love it! You're such an inspiration and would love to see you live in concert someday. I'm a single parent and your lyrics just touch me and move me in a way I haven't done so in a couple of years. Thank you and keep up the great job you're doing. God bless.

The voice of an angel that makes everything better | Reviewer: lisa | 12/21/08

Mr legend i love your knw when u sing,my heart feels what u singin.ur music inspires me,every wrd in ur songs is gives me that closure an sense of belonging.i just love everythng about you

YOU ARE THE BOMB!!!!! | Reviewer: michael | 12/2/08

john you are an inspirational singer.i have a colleague that is crazy about are a great pianist and a great singer.i am a gospel vocalist too and i hope to do a collabo with you the way i'm 20 years of age.

Truly A Legend | Reviewer: Chris Rollins | 10/28/08

Your ideas are simply amazing. simplicity says everything. Some songs u really give it to us and others u siplify it not only with the music but the lyrics either way u r my Favorite singer in the world . i cant really emphasize this on this little review but Its True

Hopefully someday i get to meet You My Biggest Dream And Kanye Is My Favorite All Time

Chris Rollins

Thanks, John | Reviewer: Rob McPherson | 7/3/08

Incredible. I think this is the only guy I could really be awe struck from. Not one musical artist has ever done it to me.
John: keep rockin from the inside out, the world needs your words.
You are a legend


john | Reviewer: Letha | 1/10/08

John is so cute. He sings about true love and events. His songs really mean something and take you to place you haven't been befoe. You can listen to him after having a bad day and you feel better after after you listen to him! You go John!!

I Love John Legend | Reviewer: Lateasha Brutton | 11/7/07

I like John Legend every since I heard him sing his single "Ordinary People". I like his music on his CD and I didn't even had to turn to a next song. I like his new one too. Looking forward to listening to his next CD. P.S He is very cute!!!!!!

Can't get enough!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Diana | 10/31/07

His latest cd?its jamming,I can't seem to get enough of listening to it. I have abandoned my other collection and john is on repeat all the time. I wake up to john and I go to bed listening to him. I only wish I could see him live in concert, but as I live in Namibia it is most likely not going to happen any time soon. To top it all he is oh! so good looking. Good pianist - love his music and love him.
Will be waiting for the next release with anticipated breath.
Keep making us love you more!!!!!!

John Legend.... | Reviewer: J.Johnson | 8/25/07

hes gifted and talented,he's hansome and what more,his songs are really cool.he was in nigeria for a show and i can tell the whole of the crowd are wanting more and more from this one of the greatest pianist in the world.....i wish him success in all is upcoming endeavours.

is music kept ma love life going! | Reviewer: sheneca | 8/6/07

ah well in one word..hes "awesome"...was introduced to his CD by a friend of mine who was visiting Jamaica for the first time, i felt in love wit his music and also is unique style..tis brother iss gifted....i had d chance of seeing him in concert here in Jamaica at d Jazz & B lues Festival..tell u he took ma breathe hunk i must confess....i later on introduce ma Boyfriend to the Album "lets get lifted"...i tell u it helped to keep our long distance relationship going and now hes one of John's biggest fan...his last words to me about d Album is that he after a good day of listening "he feels like he's falling in love all ova again" John Legend to the max...Im is biggest Jamaican y man!