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Performed by John Butler Trio

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Smitt | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/15/07

This song is awesome! The first reggae song I liked.

Oh, and the person who said this song has no meaning is too stupid to understand it.

GREAT | Reviewer: Girl | 8/8/07

The song is telling us to be different, take a chance & make your own decisions in life. Thats why I think this is such a great song.. Oh and J.B.T rawk!!!!!!!!

BAD | Reviewer: Me | 8/4/07

I hate this song!
it sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pleeeze get it deleted or something
its stupid all it is is i could be this or i could be that
theres no meaning to it!!!!!!

great | Reviewer: rianna | 6/7/07

i love the song and we are singing it in my school chior.

awsome music | Reviewer: danny | 5/18/07

i just recently saw the band live and fell in love with em the music is so good

zebra song stuff up | Reviewer: elly | 4/27/07

Hi i am just letting you all know that the lyrics says young man instead of old man.thanks Elly And Scott.

Great Music ! | Reviewer: nozar | 2/11/07

When I heard the 'Zebra' for the first time I couldn't believe I can like a reggae music at all.
but john butler put many bright moments in that song I couldn't ignore.
put away the lyrics that was not too clever to me but the song and the way they played it was rather catchy.

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