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Performed by Joe

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Narmen | Reviewer: Narmen | 9/15/11

Ohhhh hhhhhhh I have never hered dis song be4 my boyfriend Dave share it to me n Facebook to tall me how he feel about and to know as Joe say I wanna know lovely sing love it...........

I wanna know | Reviewer: Getahun Meteku | 1/19/09

I am just glad with the lyric of you.I love your all music.My freinds all are happy with your lyrics.Specialy i wanna know,I love you,that's why i created my email account with your name.

Please i do love to write,are you happy?

Gechcool From Ethiopia.
Thank you for your time

Let me know | Reviewer: wuh is pleasure? | 9/8/08

This is dha best love song i evah heard .. its turns yu into dha mood .. lol if yu know wuh im talkin bout .. its somethin dha yu be layin back and listens to and say damm ......

lovee it | Reviewer: julia | 7/1/08

im not into love songs but this one was great it reminds of someone soo speaciall to me i always sing it to her,now that she passed away i have no one to sing to,so i keep on crying everytime i listent o it

jessicapops | Reviewer: popsmboomutombo | 2/4/08

that song was dedicated to me by my bestfriend jessica,i miss her now she left me for their home i know than we shall meet a day,everytime when i listen to that song it makes me remember my bestfriend,, thank you joe for that nice song, God bless you.

Love it | Reviewer: Katrina | 12/27/07

First time I heard this song was in my friends car. I was asking him to change the song and this song played. He said "ahhh you cannot make me change this song coz this is my song" and Im like let me listen to it..The first verse of this song get me into it and its relate me on what happen between me and my friend [where i first heard this song].

lovin it...

About the song | Reviewer: Trisha | 8/5/07

this is how i feel about a boy... he likes me .... but he has a g/f... we hangout all the time... i think we are falling in love but i will never get him!

=[ | Reviewer: brittany | 7/19/07

Heyy. this sonng is the besst song ever =[ thiiis booy i loveeed he saiid it is how he feels about me

amazing | Reviewer: bibo | 6/29/07

i have not heard this song in ever.. and i saw a display picture
and i just automattically started to sing it.

i have listened to it about for an hour straight, and absolutely love it,....

i makes me think of my bf whom i wont see for 2 weeks. and i think i might be in love..

hi | Reviewer: Taylor Winter | 4/29/07

Joe you r soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool
I wish I was just like u i am out

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