a search for the real | Reviewer: Aaron M. Schuelke | 9/7/11

I was first introduced to the the dope game when I was 13. I started hearing all this hype shit about 50 cent but aside from many men I aint care for his music and still dont. Ever since then I have been searching for thorough rapers. I have found a bunch on the west coast but Joe Budden is one of my favorite east coast rapers. Much love son

he's one of the best. | Reviewer: brina | 1/16/09

I love music that I can relate too. Music that has a story & meaning behind it. Joe budden spits and you feel what he's saying. I get a rush in my body when I hear him rapping. He's come a long way. He's one of my favorite artists, I enjoy his lyrics so much!

Real recognize Real | Reviewer: Gohard127 | 11/19/08

To be honest Joe Budden has been my fav. artist since his debute. There is something about the emotion he puts in his music that grabs me. He is the only rapper that says what I feel. I believe mood muzik pt 2 was the greatest mixtape of all time. I still listen to it!!! He may not have the success of some of these cartoon artist but he probably has the most authentic and real fanbase out there. I'm a Joe Budden Fan 4 life and I'm not saying that because I'm from Jersey Either....lol

props | Reviewer: LIL Mex | 5/2/08

Ive listened to budden on freestyles and mixtapes
the flow is good i givem credit he spit his feel
about his life.That what a true artist is, i myself flow the same way similarties in rhymes
but props on his original work. arist like bitchass 50 cent ova and ova again the same shit which is not original and sucks ass.