This is not an opera | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/2/09

So, in response to another reviewer here, why does it matter whether or not the singer "has an operatic voice"? Seems her voice is perfectly suited to the piece, ESPECIALLY since she may not have a cookie cutter "operatic" voice. Also, is this piece done in opera houses? Why would she be on an opera house stage, singing about dead opera singers? Anyone? Sigh. That last bit was me sighing, by the way. Poor, poor dead opera singers. Apparently, she's singing for you.

A haunting performance | Reviewer: Brian | 12/17/08

This is a very early recording of Joan Baez in the Vanguard Records catalogue. Joan Baez does not have an operatic voice. Yet, her performance gives the piece a haunting feel. When I hear it I have visions of a once great city built during a boom in the heart of the Amazon. The only inhabitants now are Amazonian Indians. It is evening, there is a mist in the air. I see Joan, standing on an empty stage in a glorious opera house, now lost in a era now long gone. There is no audience, only the ghosts of great opera singers, now long dead.

Yet there is a beauty. The jungle is slowly resurrecting itself where it had been destroyed by profiteers seeking riches from rubber trees. There is joy in the natural return to balance.

I don't listen to it very much these days. Other voices have stepped into the spotlight. Yet whenever I see this art song title, I always hear Joan Baez before any of the more developed voices who have sung it.