Gulf Shores, Alabama Concert | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/24/10

We are so grateful to Jimmy Buffett for his concert here. It took our minds off the oil and damage to our beautiful sugar white beaches. When he closed that set out with "When The Coast Is Clear" I know there was not a dry eye in our area. It is not about the money we have lost. Jimmy understands us old timers here...we have lost things that all of BP's money will never buy...our haven on the coast. Our way of life has been altered.."the circus" is here,'s called BP. Thank you for feeling our pain...we grew up together on these beaches, ran the roads together...thank you for remembering where you came from.

new version | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/14/10

At his concert at Gulf Shores this past Sunday, Jimmy closed with this song, but he changed many of the words. So poignant and beautiful, the chorus was something like:

Guess it was bound to happen
I just hope I'm still here
to see it like it used to be
When the coast is clear

You could see the tears on the faces of the audience looking out over that coast as he sang, and I cried a little too. May God help BP in their efforts to stop the leak & clean up the mess.

Couldn't say it better myself | Reviewer: Coastal Lady | 10/18/09

When I heard this song just yesterday on Sirius XM on Buffett's radio station, I was traveling down our Coastal Highway to a local bar during a Nor'Easter. I said to my husban, boy if that's not the truth! Only us locals would be headed down to our favorite spot during this weather. Mid October at the beach is our favorite time..The Coast is indeed Clear. Thanks Jimmy!!

Song with alluring melody and words | Reviewer: George Burke | 5/4/08

The song, "When the Coast is Clear" has an alluring melody and its words are captivating. I love the place where there is an echoing of voices. It sounds as if there is a female voice that enter a section and is then overlaid by Jimmy Buffet's voice. Am I hearing things, or is that not a female voice. Either that or it is Jimmy singing falsetto. Perhaps someone can help me.
I have been a parrot head since I used to sing "Come Monday" at Steak & Ale in Dallas in 1969-71.
I would have to say that "Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes" is my favorite, but "When the Coast is Clear" is one of his best.

George Burke
Professor and Sometimes Entertainer