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The circle burns clear fire yellow.
When I held her face. Which was pale,white,brown.She turned away. The girl of my dreams.She refused to acknowledge me. For my fear of heart. Take it away. Away
From my taste ,cause Im in this world of pain hurt,and rejection.CHloramine\Chloramine. Why do you Turn away? When I cry for me. I turned away only to find my eyes drip blood red to the ground
For my love chloramine , She turned her eyes . When I said goodbye to my love chloramine.I know I hurt you with my rash words.
But I hope we will make up for our past mistakes.
And I must say Im sorry about our departure.
I have eyes full of tears. The clouds are gray overhead . My garments are rainsoaked from my wanderings. I have wondered a thousand miles.
I sit alone with my head between my hands .And try to reconcile my lies. What is this I have come upon that hurts me so. Chloramine Dont turn around,cause Im trying to forget your beautiful face. Take it away!Away! From my pain and anguish.
Because I love you so . Chloramine !Dont cry!Dont cry! When I walk on bye. And forgive me for my lies.Consequences abound for my mistakes. I love you and will always love you Chloramine\chloramine