Early concerts | Reviewer: OriginalParrothead | 6/25/10

My first JB concert was in the Main Auditorium at the University of Southern Mississippi. The second was at Thalia Mara Hall in Jackson, MS. I'll treasure those "intimate" settings. Guys, this was before people starting dressing up for the shows. There were no parrothead clubs (hard to imagine). Here's to the happy music!!

Accompanying Me on Long Low Fights | Reviewer: Ricky 'Cowboy' E | 6/20/09

Well, yes, I figure I was a treetop flying but that's not what we called it back when. Thanks for flying with me on "cassette". A great comfort when pulling palm leaves from between the brakes and wheels on a make-shift strip at 2:30 in the morning.
Still burning bridges and avoiding radar.

Luv Ya,

Growing older but not up... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/31/08

I was born a Parrothead, attending my first concert in my mothers belly when she was 7 months pregnant with me. I have been to many shows over the years and have had many great memories with my parents, and now friends at his concerts. When I am laying out on the beach listening to my ipod, its always Jimmy Buffett (and a lil' Marley of course). Some friends make fun of me for the obsession, while the smart ones embrase it. There is nothing like a pre concert party in the parking lot. I have some great memories. Jimmy is an amayzing artist, business man and author. I have read a few of his books, including his childrens book. I thank him for all the memories and great times i have shared over his music or at his concerts with family and friends.

What the hell | Reviewer: young surfer | 3/27/08

What the hell man, get over yourself. Everyone who loves the ocean and what it has to offer can enjoy Jimmy. Ive been to all those places and im only 18, i see no reason why others shouldnt enjoy the music if they havent been there. Why would you rip him down just cause you can't write a song? And even if he doesn't really care about conservation (which he does) why not use his status to influence others to care? And dont act like he wrote the songs for you, there autobiographical, meaning about his life, just thought id explain that cause you from what i read you are most likely at least 75% retarded. All in all old fart surfer is a fucking duesche bag dude ... probably cant even surf. Keep jammin jimmy, don't even pay attention to fuckers like this guy.

True Meanings | Reviewer: Words to the Heart | 2/26/08

I love all of his songs. No one can put a meaning into a song like Buffet. When I heard his songs for the first time I was like WOW these songs have meaning to them and they are all true.

"We need more fruitcakes in this world and less bakers!" (and it is true)

Now I am officially a Parrothead and am not afraid to show it.

my sesame street sound track | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/15/07

i think i may be about the only kid in 6th grade who knows who jimmy buffet is, and thats ok with me.
i have grown up listening to jimmy buffet, and i love his music. the laid back stlye is so easy to listen to anytime, anywhere.
i've tried to introduce my friends to jimmy buffet, but they don't like it. maybe jimmy buffet music is like coffe....an aquried taste.

lovin Jimmy... | Reviewer: Parrothead Meg | 9/15/07

I might sound like every other parrothead out there, and say that I love Jimmy, but I really do. Hes an awesome guy, down to earth, cooky, funny, witty, laid back..and all over beach bum to the highest degree. His music captures my heart, and puts me back to those sun filled days in Key West, or sitting on the beach down by the Gulf of Mexico. Jimmy carries the spirit of the islands with him where ever he goes..and thats a true gift.

Parrothead Meg.

he's the man | Reviewer: stuart O. | 9/8/07

I saw him in concert for the 1st time in 1977. It was the last concert of his tour and it was in Austin. I was totaly blown away by his performance.
His lyrics sometimes can move me to tears. I hope he latsts another 50 years

Phantastic | Reviewer: MostlyRightNeverWrong | 3/27/06

Simply put: one of the greatest showmen, businessmen and all-around wonderful souls on the planet.

To a Parrot Head there is much more to the man than "Margaritaville" and "Cheeseburger in Paradise". It's a lifestyle that transcends all others. This man is a true legend.

Jimmy Buffet et al. | Reviewer: Old Fart Surfer | 12/31/04

Probably the best combination of liberal lifestyle and consrevative finances. How come he's the only one allowed to mow over manatees?

Seriously, I have been a Parrothead since before there were Parrotheads. I am the guy he wrote about in "Pirate looks at 40". "Great Filling Station Hold-Up" is my biography.

It doesn't get any better than Buffet for those of us that have no problem pretending to care about endangered species, have never seen a Carribbean island, have no desire to visit the Florida Keys and could care less what a well to do drifter can come up with. It is all in fun, and the greatest joke is the one Jimmy has played on us.

Save a cow...........eat a Manatee

Old Fart