daddy gives me away | Reviewer: MOM | 6/10/11

this has been my husband and daughter's song for 24 years. She wants this played at her wedding July 16 before her father gives her away. I hope he keeps his knees under him. This will be a surprise for him...........God Bless Jimmy Buffett for the many hearts that he has touched. We are his biggest Mississippi fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me and my little Pebble | Reviewer: JPB | 11/12/10

I have been a Parrothead for better than half of my 40 years now and it was only within the past two years I accidentally found this - my favorite song. My little Pebble (her initials are PEB) was born 22 months ago and has forever changed me. I listen to this song over and over again and it makes me break into absolute sobbing tears each and every time. It's such a sweet little song about a man and his baby daughter and strikes my emotions down to the core. I do know someday she's gonna learn how to fly and despite how bad I want her to stay so little and so sweet I also am excited to see what she's going to be.

me & my daddy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/23/10

My father & I are huge Jimmy Buffett fans. I remeber him singing this to me & playing it on the guitar when i was little. Than today I found the song, and I have to admit, I was almost in tears. This is a beautiful song.

my father | Reviewer: amy cranston nathe | 3/26/09

My dad died of cancer on Jan 1, 2009 and he told me before he died that I was his little miss magic. I finally,after three months looked up the lyrics to the song. Wow, what a great song. I miss my dad.

Father Daughter Dance | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/26/07

I love Little Miss Magic. My husband plays in a Buffett cover band. When his daughter got maried, he recorded the song for the Fther Daughter dance at the reception. I was in tears listening to my husband's voice as he danced with his daughter.