a long time comin | Reviewer: bobby c | 6/2/13

followed and follow buffett since 73, my anthem was come monday along with please come to boston with dave loggins. for the first time i read the lyrics to spider john. been listening for decades to it, drawn to it, can't get it out of my head. now i know why. never robbed one, but worked in one, stole my share and lived in the dark for a while too. lost my lilly to a dentist, and now it's crusin, a lovely cruise actually

Spider John | Reviewer: Rebecca Olsen | 10/14/11

One of the most touching, real, and sad songs from a broken man. He lost his love because of his own actions, and 30 years later, she is always on his mind.

Spider John, written and sung by WILLIS ALAN RAMSEY was also published in 1972, not 1974 and Buffett, i LOVE YA man, but this ain't you.

This is ALL 100% Willis Alan Ramsey. He only released one album, one of the greatest never ending beautiful real true musical gems of the ages. I would choose his album, as possibly, the only one I would ever listen to forever, if that choice was demanded of me.
After this album, and I don't know who broke his heart, he moved to Ireland, and did not reappear for 30 years.

Jimmy, you got a great ear to pick this song, but it ain't yours baby. Please, give praise to the real genius.

Thank you.

Severus Snape comparion | Reviewer: Madelie | 9/28/09

so true, severus snape did lose a girl named lily. but he wasn't a theif. just a misunderstood greasy haired git.

awesome song, just heard it today. my dad ownsthe cd and wanted my t hearit 'cause iasked for more immy buffet songs. volcano is the best song ever though.

somene submit a rview. us two are lonley up here.

Great song, and a note off topic. | Reviewer: Frank | 12/15/07

Great Ballad, Well Performed By Buffett in his early country style. On a side note, i wonder if I am the only one to see parallels between "spider John" and Severus Snape of harry potter fame?