fun to play | Reviewer: bilmil | 6/11/13

I play the guitar and have the song figured out but still working on the intro, bridge and finale. loved the book and listened to it no less than six times and now i'm reading it. my own life has had many adventures so I relate to the story. mine took place in 1969 on a motorcycle odessy. thanks for memories. bilmil

ADDICTIVE! | Reviewer: Judy | 9/13/07

A wonderful book and a great song. I had the cd so I enjoyed the music too. I was so impressed by Mr. Buffet's style. I listened to the book two times and will undoubtedly listen to it again in the future. The song still goes through my mind. It condenses the story and brings back its heartwarming message.

Salty Piece of Lan | Reviewer: S Dickerson | 4/29/07

Great book, couldn't put it down. Song great also. Is it out on a CD?

what a song, and what a book! | Reviewer: joe falinski | 3/2/07

I fell in love with the song, and just read the book and fell in love with the song all over again.
puts me out on that salty shore in no time, where I long to be.
thanks Jimmy, I needed that.

Buffet is such a Bum! | Reviewer: John Nichols | 5/10/06

And I am so jealous...I am listening to his CD audio book "A Salty Piece of Land." It opens with his title song and I realize no other person can write these beautiful songs but just gotta love him and his work. following this wonderful song Buffet himself comments about the passing of George Harrison, Gardner McKay and others...It is a work of art itself and borders on bringing tears to my eyes.. Buffet just continues to amaze me. BTY the audio book is read by none other than J.D. Souther!