jimis the bomb | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/1/12

I have manic depression and its no picinic but i got out of it. Hrndrix mite b one of the worlds best most original guitaristd. I am playin in a hendrix cover band and it is a wonderful challenge,:)

What Jimmie was sayin... | Reviewer: The actual song meaning | 5/19/11

The song is about being frustrated about his love of music, that women could be frustrating to understand, but music fulfilled his soul and was an easier relationship than actual human ones were. Being torn between the two, women jealous of his time and attention spent playing/creating music vs. with them...musicians know what I'm talking about...research it yourself if you disbelieve me...my two cents.

BiPolar and blessed | Reviewer: MoodyKDoost | 12/28/10

Being bipolar is kind of cool, at least I feel extremely great half the time while most people feel sad all the time. I'm hypo-manic( mild bipolar) and I love it.(I mean the song not my disorder,whi am I keeding, being bipolar sucks) ! ; )

Beautiful | Reviewer: Love&peace | 4/22/10

Manic depression is Bi-polar disorder. That's all it was called back when this song was written. Jimi sings the disorder from his soul. I've suffered from bi-polar my entire life and when I first heard this it felt so real... Something that I could relate to. I love Jimi Hendrix and I love this song. We are all thankful to have been graced with such an amazing musical talent.

Perfect description | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/21/10

This song really describes depression without being to gloomy and bleak in sound...the confussion, the apathy, loss of interest in all the most important aspects of life like love, of course the frustration...and finally the spark that drives you to alter your lifestyle...the drumming also helps highlight the "manic" part of the song...I love when he says "cry on guitar" during the solo haha