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Performed by Jimi Hendrix

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One of the hottest live tunes Brother James ever laid down | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/11/2005

The live version off 'Band of Gypsies,' ( a criminally- underrated album) is the one that takes my breath away. I'm not sure where to start. The lyrics are Jimi in that escapist blues-derived 'Voodoo Chile'- I-am-all-powerful mode; the rhythm parts are definitive funk-n'soul rock; the call-and-response with Buddy Miles excellent; and the guitar solos (two of 'em; one at the outro is amazing as he uses his whammy bar to accent the feedback). I'd better go and listen to the song again, and I'll re-write this piece in a less breathless style! Please listen to it, if you like hard rock, AC-DC, Radiohead, early Santana, and whether you like music or not..

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