Thanks! | Reviewer: Kathy | 3/26/10

I want to thank Jimi. This song is very special for me... I do not have doughters and things like that but I found other meaning. There is always somebody who is going to give you peace and pause your problems with thousands of smiles and telling you it's alright... And also the guitar... uuuff that guitar that I feel inside me... I feel this song...
Thanks for that Jimi!!!!

Such a great song. | Reviewer: Angela | 10/22/09

This is hands down THE song I will dance to at my wedding with my Father. For one because it just purely rocks... and for two, there is no better symbolism of letting your little girl go than what is in this song. Girls are always Daddies little girls. (At least this one is for sure!)

No reviews?!?? | Reviewer: ~ | 10/20/09

One of the best songs ever and no comments?!.. Damn.. I love this song; 'tis the song every guitarist knows how to play!!..
For me it's about those smiley little girls who really do only ever think about butterflies and fairytales, and if they ever find you sad they will just say "it's alright, it's alright", because it all simply seems that way.
Fly on little wing, if only we could stay kids forever..