Reviews for All Along The Watchtower Lyrics

Performed by Jimi Hendrix

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Amazing. | Reviewer: Chief | 5/10/12

When I first heard Jimi's song "Machine Gun", I was so impressed that I had to hear more. His guitar playing along with his vocals were so unique that I was literally blown away. What made Hendrix so great was his individuality, something that's hard to find amongst today's artists. "All Along the Watchtower" may have been a cover of the original (Performed by Bob Dylan), yet he took it and transformed it something new of his own. There's no telling where Jimi would be at now musically if he was still around.

Love it. | Reviewer: Drifter | 8/17/10

I think I first heard this song around age twelve on the radio. I liked it for the acoustic. But later as life goes on I grew to love the song. The line parts "Buisnessmen they ah, take my wine. Ploughmen dig my earth." Reminds me of how myself and others get used and use others for personal gain.

The line "Nobody will level on the line, nobody of it is worth." makes me think of how very few people speak truthfully, and honestly. It always feel like people are afraid to be honest and true due to certain social fears. And lastly the part "But ah, you and I have been through that, and this is not our fate." makes me think of a few friends and when we talk. We actually are real, and dont hold back to each other.

Planet Zog: Here I Come... | Reviewer: Wehttam | 1/5/08

"I was first drawn to Hendrix's sound when I was 16, when I heard his version of Bob Dylan’s All Along The Watchtower. The attraction of the music was astronomical, and it still is with today’s youths. When I listen to his music I feel like I’m being picked up and put on the Planet Zog. When I close my eyes I see bright coloured shapes and I can almost feel the impact of his music upon the 1960s British public. I can feel the drugs the musicians were taking at the time and I can feel the thoughts going through their heads."

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